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BACKGROUND <br /> The subject property is Lot 4 of the Estates on Oak Ridge Subdivision (subdivision), located <br /> within the Vineyard Avenue Corridor Specific Plan area. The subdivision, which as originally <br /> approved in 2006 (PUD-54), includes a total of seven residential lots for custom residences <br /> and one lot for a City water tank. Lots 1, 2, 3 and 7 have been developed with new homes and <br /> design review applications were recently approved for the development of Lots 5 and 6. Lot 4 <br /> is currently vacant. The Estates on Oak Ridge Architectural Design Guidelines specify the <br /> development standards for each lot within the subdivision, including, but not limited to, the <br /> designated development area (DDA) or building envelope, building size, building height, <br /> maximum square footage, maximum floor area ratio, landscaping, and architectural styles. <br /> In addition to the specified development standards, all residences within the subdivision are <br /> encouraged to conform to one of six architectural styles: Craftsman/Bay Area Traditional, <br /> Mediterranean, Monterey/Spanish Eclectic, French Country, Tuscan Farmhouse, and <br /> Tudor/English Country. The variety of styles is intended to provide visual interest and <br /> architectural diversity within the subdivision and ensures a cohesive neighborhood design. <br /> SITE AND AREA DESCRIPTION <br /> Lot 4, or 4 Winding Oaks Drive, is located on the west side of Winding Oaks Drive, north of Lot <br /> 6 and west of Lot 5. The vacant lot is approximately 3.96 acres in size and is irregularly <br /> shaped. With the exception of the DDA, which is fairly flat, the site is steeply sloped with the <br /> terrain sloping downward from the northern, eastern and western sides of the DDA. There are <br /> several existing mature blue oak trees along the north, west and south side of the DDA. All of <br /> these oaks were preserved at the time the Subdivision was developed. In addition, 47 oak <br /> trees were planted on this lot, generally within the northern portion of the subject lot, along the <br /> northern and eastern sides of the DDA, and adjacent to Winding Oaks Drive, as mitigation as <br /> part of the PUD-54 approval. Residential and open space areas surround the subject lot in all <br /> directions. Figure 1 shows an aerial photograph of the subject lot, and Figure 2 shows the <br /> subject lot's site plan, along with the location of the DDA. <br /> Fi•ure 1: Aerial Photo•ra•h of the Estates on Oak Rid•e Subdivision and Lot 4 <br /> .14144Ott ` <br /> 0 <br /> tipgr., - 0 - - '-' et__ <br /> 41, <br /> 44_ . ......„,_ _ , 64;4 . /. , <br /> b 'sT in r J< 7:, <br /> 44tit- <br /> /elk <br /> a 1 <br /> 4411tr:.l 1 ✓ , <br /> P19-0390, 4 Winding Oaks Drive Planning Commission <br /> 2 of 10 <br />ting Location: Remillard Conference Room, 3333 Busch Rd., Pleasanton <br /> Staff Contacts: Joelle Glushenko, Recreation Supervisor, 931-3432 <br /> Committee, Commission, and Task Force List Page 2 of 2 January 15, 2020 <br />he agenda — Speakers are <br /> encouraged to limit comments to 3 minutes. <br />