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EXHIBIT A <br /> RESOLUTION NO. PC-2020-01 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE PLANNING COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF <br /> PLEASANTON APPROVING THE APPLICATION FOR DESIGN REVIEW TO <br /> CONSTRUCT AN APPROXIMATELY 5,006-SQUARE-FOOT, TWO-STORY <br /> RESIDENCE WITH ATTACHED APPROXIMATELY 1,262-SQUARE-FOOT GARAGE <br /> ON A VACANT LOT LOCATED AT 4 WINDING OAKS DRIVE, AS FILED UNDER <br /> CASE NO. P19-0390 <br /> WHEREAS, on November 4, 2019, Terry Townsend ("Applicant") applied for a <br /> Design Review approval under Case No. P19-0390 for an approximately 5,006-square- <br /> foot, two-story residence with attached approximately 1,262-square-foot garage on a <br /> vacant lot ("Project") located at 4 Winding Oaks Drive ("Property); and <br /> WHEREAS, the Property is designated Low Density Residential and Open <br /> Space-Public Health and Safety in the General Plan; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Property is located in the Vineyard Avenue Corridor Specific <br /> Plan and was approved as part of PUD-54 with a zoning designation of Planned Unit <br /> Development — Hillside Residential/Open Space (PUD-HR/OS) District; and <br /> WHEREAS, on December 13, 2019, the Applicant resubmitted plans including <br /> modifications to the building design; and <br /> WHEREAS, on December 13, 2019, the application was deemed complete; and <br /> WHEREAS, on January 15, 2020, the Planning Commission held a duly-noticed <br /> public hearing and considered the written agenda report, relevant exhibits, <br /> recommendations of City staff concerning this application, and received testimony from <br /> interested parties; and <br /> WHEREAS, the City Council reviewed this project programmatically as part of <br /> the Vineyard Avenue Corridor Specific Plan Environmental Impact Report (EIR), which <br /> was certified on June 1, 1999. Pursuant to Section 15182 of the California <br /> Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines, no additional environmental review is <br /> required for residential projects that are proposed in accordance with a Specific Plan for <br /> which CEQA documentation was certified after January 1, 1980. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Planning Commission of the City <br /> of Pleasanton, based on the entire record of proceedings, including the oral and written <br /> staff reports and all public comment and testimony: <br /> Section 1: Findings for Design Review Approval <br /> The Planning Commission finds that the project was reviewed and approved based on <br /> the nine criteria as required by Section 18.20.030 of the Pleasanton Municipal Code <br /> which include the following: <br />ld be to approve the project with a modified house design, height, size, <br /> etc. if the Planning Commission does not believe the proposed house design, height, size, etc. <br /> are appropriate for this site. The proposed project represents a reasonable development <br /> scenario for the site and as such, staff does not recommend the alternative. <br /> PUBLIC NOTICE AND COMMENTS <br /> Notices of this application were sent to surrounding property owners and tenants within a <br /> 1,000-foot radius of the site. Staff has provided the location and noticing map as Exhibit C for <br /> reference. At the time this report was published, staff had not received any public comments <br /> about the project. <br /> P19-0390, 4 Winding Oaks Drive Planning Commission <br /> 9 of 10 <br /> Planning Commission <br /> 6 of 10 <br />