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JOINT LABOR MANAGEMENT COOPERATION COMMITTEE <br />NORCAL CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY COMPLIANCENORCAL CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY COMPLIANCE <br />P.O. Box 340596 <br />Sacramento, CA 95834 <br /> <br />info@norcalcic.org916.993.2051 <br />March 15, 2023 <br />Su Nguyen <br />Engineering Technician II <br />Department of Engineering <br />City of Pleasanton <br />200 Old Bernal Avenue <br />Pleasanton, CA 94566 <br /> <br />Re: Annual Curb and Gutter for Street Resurfacing IQC; Bid Advisory Regarding <br />Villalobos and Associates <br />This bid advisory is submitted by NorCal Construction Industry Compliance (herein "NCIC"), a <br />joint labor-management organization formed pursuant to the Labor Management Cooperation <br />Act of 1978 (29 U.S.C. Sec. 175a). NCIC is committed to ensuring a level playing field for <br />contractors and workers by promoting equitable contracting, and ensuring compliance with all <br />applicable state and federal labor laws governing the construction industry. <br />INTRODUCTION <br />NCIC monitors local construction projects to help ensure that fair and open competitive bidding <br />practices are utilized and that taxpayers get the best value for their tax dollars. This is important <br />because the policies underlying our State's competitive bidding laws not only foster fairness <br />among bidders, but also protect the public trust. <br />Fair competitive bidding acts as a "guard against favoritism, improvidence, extravagance, fraud, <br />and corruption; to prevent the waste of public funds; and to obtain the best result for the <br />public."1"Competitive bidding laws are passed for the benefit and protection of the taxpaying <br />public, not for the benefit and enrichment of bidders."2 Proper enforcement of these laws results <br />in more responsible contractors bidding and performing public works jobs, reduces instances of <br />health and safety problems, promotes the timely completion of the contracted work, and helps to <br />ensure the final product is of the highest quality and value for the taxpayer dollar. <br />1 M & B Const. v. Yuba County Water Agency (1999) 68 Cal.App.4th 1353, 1360; see also <br />Domar Electric, Inc. v. City of Los Angeles (1994) 9 Cal.4th 161, 170-171. <br />2 Id.