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THE CITY OF <br /> R I", 0111 . W111 <br /> 111 <br /> PLEASANTON. <br /> MEMORANDUM SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL <br /> Provided to the City Council <br /> After Distribution of Packet <br /> Date: March 21, 2023 sate �2-3 <br /> To Mayor and City Council <br /> From: Gerry Beaudin, City Manager � <br /> ana er�i <br /> Steve Kirkpatrick, Director of Engineering /City Engineer <br /> Subject: Letter received from NCIC regarding Item 7, March 21, 2023, City Council <br /> Meeting <br /> Following review from City Attorney Dan Sodergren, the attached letter dated March 15, <br /> 2023, from the National Construction Industry Compliance (NCIC) regarding the Villalobos <br /> and Associates bid for the annual curb and gutter project; the subject of Item 7 on tonight's <br /> City Council Meeting Agenda. The letter indicates two reasons NCIC does not believe the <br /> City Council should award the project to Villalobos and Associates. <br /> Neither of the reasons stated require and/or provide grounds for the City to reject Villalobos <br /> and Associates bid, therefore staffs recommendation remains that City Council award the <br /> project to Villalobos and Associates. <br /> Thank you. <br />