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7 <br /> THE CITY OF <br /> CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> PLEASANTON. <br /> March 21, 2023 <br /> Engineering <br /> TITLE: APPROVE PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS, REVIEW BIDS, AND AWARD <br /> A CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT TO VILLALOBOS & ASSOCIATES, INC. <br /> IN THE AMOUNT OF $495,848 FOR THE ANNUAL CURB AND GUTTER <br /> REPLACEMENTS FOR STREET RESURFACING PROJECT, <br /> CIP NO. 23509 <br /> SUMMARY <br /> This annual project removes and replaces damaged concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter. <br /> The project also includes the installation or modification of the Americans with <br /> Disabilities Act (ADA) pedestrian access ramps where none exist or where the ramps <br /> are significantly out of compliance with current ADA standards. The project was <br /> designed in-house, then competitively bid for construction. Staff recommends award of <br /> the construction contract to the lowest bidder, Villalobos & Associates, Inc., in the <br /> amount of$495,848. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> 1. Approve the plans and specifications for this project, review the bids received, and <br /> award the construction contract for the project to Villalobos & Associates, Inc. of <br /> Campbell, California, in the amount of$495,848. <br /> 2. Authorize the City Manager to enter into the construction contract with Villalobos & <br /> Associates, Inc. <br /> 3. Authorize the Director of Engineering to approve and execute contract change <br /> orders for a not-to-exceed contingency amount of$74,377 (approximately 15 <br /> percent of the contract). <br /> FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br /> Project funding totals $750,000. Based upon the low bid of$495,848, the anticipated <br /> total project cost, including a project contingency of$74,377 and $15,418 for required <br /> tree and removal, material testing and other miscellaneous expenses, is $585,643. The <br /> funding and anticipated project expenditures are detailed in Attachment 1. <br />