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There are three resolutions to: <br /> 1. Update parking citation process to name hearing officers and allow payment <br /> alternative for fines. <br /> 2. Amend Purchasing Procedures and Manual to clarify that each contract with a <br /> vendor is subject to individual contract limits. <br /> 3. Amend the Master Fee Schedule to update Police Department fees, remove use of <br /> permit fees no longer issued, and amend hydrant meter deposit fee. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> Introduce the omnibus ordinance and waive first reading, and adopt three resolutions as <br /> presented. <br /> FISCAL STATEMENT <br /> The update of the Master Fee Schedule will provide that Police Department fees more <br /> closely align with costs to deliver the services, and that hydrant meter fees will reflect <br /> current meters being provided. <br /> BACKGROUND <br /> The municipal code must be amended regularly to reflect current names of City facilities <br /> and positions, new California laws, and actual City practices. Each year, staff <br /> aggregates these noncontroversial updates into a single omnibus ordinance. Three <br /> resolutions are also proposed to reflect current City practices, a new state law option for <br /> parking penalties and an update of the Master Fee Schedule. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> Each of the proposed amendments to the municipal code is described below and shown <br /> in Attachment 1.' <br /> Updates enacted by Ordinance <br /> Chapter 2.08 City Manager <br /> Amend §§2.08.090, 2.08.100, 2.08.230 to remove the references to the office of the <br /> treasurer. That elective office was eliminated by voters in November 1998 (Measure S) <br /> and those duties were assumed by the Director of Finance, who is appointed by the City <br /> Manager. Also amend §2.08.210 -Additional duties to delegate to the City Manager the <br /> powers authorized by California Government Code §40602 to sign warrants, contracts, <br /> conveyances and deeds. This delegation is still subject to dollar limits in the Purchasing <br /> Procedures and Manual and other City Council authorizations. <br /> Title 5 Business Licensing <br /> Amend §§5.08.020, 5.12.030, 5.20.020 to clarify definitions of: commercial landlord and <br /> tenant, doing business, and gross receipts, respectively, to reflect existing applications. <br /> ' The ordinance shows proposed amendments in track changes. If the proposed ordinance is <br /> introduced by the council, then at the next meeting when adopted (the second reading), the <br /> amendments will be shown in final form. <br /> Page 2 of 5 <br />