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1 <br /> THE CITY OF <br /> CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> PLEASANTON <br /> March 21 , 2023 <br /> City Attorney <br /> TITLE: INTRODUCE AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE MUNICIPAL CODE IN <br /> TITLES 5 BUSINESS LICENSING AND 18 ZONING, REMOVE <br /> REFERENCE TO TREASURER, AMEND CHAPTERS 2.08 CITY <br /> MANAGER, 6.18 MARIJUANA AND HEMP, 9.04 NOISE REGULATIONS, <br /> 9.32 TOBACCO RESTRICTIONS, 13.08 PARKS AND RECREATION <br /> FACILITIES, 14.04 REGULATION OF WATER SYSTEM AND WATER <br /> SERVICE FEES, 17.50 GREEN BUILDING, AND WAIVE FIRST READING. <br /> ADOPT RESOLUTIONS TO: (1) UPDATE PARKING CITATION PROCESS; <br /> (II) AMEND THE PURCHASING PROCEDURES AND MANUAL; AND (III) <br /> UPDATE THE MASTER FEE SCHEDULE FOR POLICE DEPARTMENT <br /> FEES, REMOVING USE PERMIT FEES NO LONGER ISSUED, AND <br /> UPDATE HYDRANT METER DEPOSIT FEE <br /> SUMMARY <br /> The omnibus ordinance is a regular process to make minor updates to the municipal <br /> code, such as those need to reflect current names of City facilities and positions, new <br /> California laws, and actual City practices. These amendments are noncontroversial and <br /> presented as one ordinance. This year's omnibus changes include: <br /> • Title 5 Business Licensing - Amendments to clarify when commercial landlords <br /> have tenants, and definitions of doing business and gross receipts. <br /> • Title 18 Zoning - Amendments regarding: definitions of accessory structures and <br /> family; large family daycare homes as permitted uses; accessory dwelling units; <br /> legal non-conforming uses, deletion of fortune telling per First Amendment, and <br /> update reference to Downtown Specific Plan. <br /> • Chapter 2.08 City Manager - Remove the reference to treasurer, an office <br /> eliminated by voters in 1998. Also delegate to City Manager authority to execute <br /> contracts and deeds per Cal. Government Code §40602. <br /> • Ch. 6.18 - Permit medical cannabis delivery as required by the Medical Cannabis <br /> Patient's Right of Access Act (SB 1186 of 2022). <br /> • §9.04.070 - Clarify that regular pick up of trash, recycling, garbage, green waste, <br /> organics, and removal of fat, oils and grease, is exempt from noise limits. <br /> • §9.32.110 - Add language for tobacco retailer permit to reflect late fee penalties <br /> that match business license process. <br /> • §13.08.080 - Update park names and locations of dog parks. <br /> • §14.04.090 - Delegate authority to the City Manager to administratively adopt a <br /> policy for penalties for late or unpaid water bills. <br /> • §17.50.030 — Update definitions of projects subject to green building ordinance to <br /> match Climate Action Plan (CAP 2.0). <br />