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Title 18 Zoning Code <br /> Amend §§18.08.167 and 18.08.392 to update and add definitions of family to match the <br /> 2023-2031 Housing Element. <br /> Amend §§18.08.540 and 18.08.545 to reflect actual practice in defining accessory <br /> structures. <br /> Amend §§18.28.030, 18.28.040, 18.32.030, 18.32.040, 18.36.030 and 18.36.040 to <br /> comply with SB 234 (2019) to treat large family daycare homes as permitted uses <br /> wherever residential uses are allowed.2 <br /> Amend §18.44.080 to delete the category of fortune telling, palmistry, augury and <br /> related uses as conditionally permitted uses in industrial park and general industrial <br /> district to comply with First Amendment speech rights and Ordinance 2120 (2015). <br /> Update §18.88.050 to provide reference to the current Downtown Specific Plan <br /> (replacing the 1974 central district development plan). <br /> Update §§18.106.020 and 18.106.045 to comply with AB 2221 (2022) and SB 897 <br /> (2022) with amendments regarding (junior) accessory dwelling units regarding timing to <br /> act on applications, objective standards, height limits, and replacement structures in <br /> existing building footprints. <br /> Update §18.109.030 to clarify that a legal non-conforming tobacco retailer's use is <br /> considered abandoned if the retailer does not maintain a City tobacco retailer permit. <br /> Other municipal code amendments are proposed as follows: <br /> §6.18.035 Operation of commercial marijuana or hemp delivery <br /> New state law (SB 1186 of 2022) requires that cities permit the delivery of medical <br /> cannabis beginning January 1, 2024. The City currently prohibits all commercial medical <br /> and non-medical marijuana and hemp activity in Municipal Code Ch. 6.18. To comply <br /> with this new state law, this section is proposed to be amended to allow medical <br /> marijuana delivery to qualified patients and their caregivers. This will be effective <br /> January 1, 2024. <br /> §9.04.070 f Noisel Daytime exceptions <br /> The municipal the code currently only exempts from noise limits trash pick-up in <br /> commercial or industrial areas adjacent to residential and downtown accessory <br /> entertainment uses. With more than just trash being collected, clarify that regular <br /> scheduled pick up of recycling, green waste, organics and removal of fats, oils, grease <br /> are also exempt from noise limits. <br /> ' In 2020, the City already deleted the requirement for a conditional use permit for a large family daycare <br /> home in compliance with SB 234. This is further action to comply with SB 234. <br /> Page 3 of 5 <br />