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BACKGROUND <br /> The Housing Element is part of the City's General Plan and is a comprehensive <br /> statement by the community of its current and future housing needs and proposed <br /> actions to facilitate the provision of housing to meet those needs at all income levels. <br /> Periodic updates of the Housing Element are required by state law. The element reflects <br /> the state's housing goal of "attaining decent housing and a suitable living environment <br /> for every California family," as well as incorporating the unique concerns of the <br /> community. The City's current Housing Element, which was adopted in 2015, covers the <br /> 5th Cycle planning period from 2015 to 2022. The Draft Housing Element for the City <br /> Council's review at this meeting covers the 6th Cycle planning period from 2023-2031. <br /> RHNA Process <br /> A key component of the Housing Element is the Regional Housing Needs Allocation <br /> (RHNA), which is a planning target representing the City's "fair share" of the regional <br /> housing need, as determined by HCD and the regional Council of Government (in the <br /> Bay Area, ABAG). As described later in this report, the City's RHNA is established at <br /> 5,965 units — this number was assigned to the City based on a methodology developed <br /> by ABAG in consultation with various stakeholders, through a multi-month process in <br /> 2020 and 2021. The City engaged closely throughout the RHNA process, including <br /> monitoring of the methodology's development, and submittal of an appeal of the Draft <br /> RHNA to ABAG. More broadly, statewide, the 6th Cycle RHNA process has been closely <br /> scrutinized and critiqued, leading to a recent audit and report by the State which raised <br /> several criticisms of HCD's technical process and made several recommendations for <br /> improvements to be undertaken by HCD going forward. Despite these criticisms, the <br /> Audit Report did not call for modification of any of the regional or local RHNA <br /> allocations, and therefore the City's Draft Housing Element continues to use the 5,965 <br /> unit target assigned by ABAG. <br /> Timeline and Public Consultation <br /> The City formally initiated the Housing Element update process in March 2021 with <br /> hearings beginning in May 2021. At each step of the process, the City has engaged the <br /> community through social media, the local press, utility bill mailing, website <br /> development, an online survey, and other methods. There have been approximately 40 <br /> public meetings and outreach events which included, among others, an in-person booth <br /> at the Farmers Market, community workshops, Commission meetings, and Council <br /> meetings. Staff also engaged with various stakeholder groups and representatives from <br /> community-based organizations, as well as the development community, to seek input <br /> on opportunities, constraints, and challenges around housing in Pleasanton. A summary <br /> of the meetings, outreach events, and key engagement themes are included in Section <br /> I.E of the Draft Housing Element. <br /> There has also been targeted outreach related to fair housing that included Zoom focus <br /> groups, a booth at the Muslim Community Center, a booth at a Dia Del Nino event, and <br /> an online survey among other methods. The survey was distributed through the senior <br /> center, the library's English learning and adult literacy programs, and with Open Heart <br /> Kitchen meal service. It was also distributed to over 20 community organizations that <br /> Page 2 of 18 <br />