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ATTACHMENT 3 <br /> Megan Campbell <br /> Subject: Draft Pleasanton Housing Element concern <br /> From:Colleen H <br /> Sent:Wednesday,June 8, 2022 11:20 AM <br /> To: Ellen Clark Gerry Beaudin <br /> Cc: Karla Brown Aditi Acharya JOHN SCHOLZ <br /> Subject: Draft Pleasanton Housing Element concern <br /> Good morning, <br /> I am writing with my concern over the draft Pleasanton Housing Element report. <br /> Appendix E, regarding community feedback, is what is alarming. <br /> It completely ignores the over 100 emails and public comments City Council received from the community between Dec <br /> 2021 and April of this year asking that Donlon Field be removed from the list. <br /> It ignores the petition from the community that has been signed over 1,200 times to Save Donlon Field: <br /> <br /> include-field-for-students-not-housing <br /> It ignores the Earth Day Save Donlon Field event on Apr 24th that over 300 community members came to support <br /> because they wanted Donlon field removed from the list. Mayor Brown was present for this event. <br /> <br /> How is this fair to our community efforts to be heard,to be completely left out of Appendix E? <br /> Please fix this. <br /> Kind regards, <br /> Colleen E. Hake <br /> <br /> Click here to report this email as spam. <br /> 1 <br />