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THE CITY OF <br />July 15,2022 <br />Mayor and Councilmembers <br />Gerry Beaudin. City Manager <br />PLEASANTON @ <br />MEMORANDUM SUP PLEM <br />-ENTAL M, <br />Provided to the City Cou ncil <br />Date: <br />To: <br />From: <br />Subject: <br />& <br />Atter Distrib ution of paeket <br />Date tv 7L <br />Housing Element Update. Item l9- PUSD Donlon (Housing Element Site/Area 3) <br />The City received a formal request from the Pleasanton Unified School District on July 15,2022 <br />(attached) requesting the Donlon Site (identified as Area 3 in the Housing Element) be removed from <br />ihe praft Housing Element site inventory list. As such, an added staff recommendation for Agenda Item <br />19, is to remove Area 3 from the site inventory list prior to submittal to the California Department of <br />Housing and Community Development (HCD). Area 3 has a capacity of 28 Above-Moderate housing <br />units. <br />As shown below, with removal of Area 3, the Draft Housing Element will still include a surplus of <br />Above-Moderate Housing Units, above the RHNA. <br />Table B-11: Residential Development Potential and RHNA <br />The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) analysis is well underway, so this site will continue to be <br />reflected in the environmental analysis. However, if the City Council concurs the site should be removed <br />from consideration, staff will add a footnote in the EIR acknowledging that Area 3 is no longer being <br />considered in the Housing Element. Removal of this small number of units from the analysis is not <br />expected to alter its outcomes or conclusions. <br />2,313 5,9651,008 894I,750See Very LowRHNA <br />93142846See Very Low 5ADUs <br />393 41623Approved/Entitled P rojects <br />5,4561,906957848See Very Low 1,745Remaining RHNA <br />641 2,2835521,090See Very <br />Low/LowSite lnventory <br />(3,173)(1,265)(1,612)See Very <br />LowlLowSurplus I (Shortfall) <br />1;,121 1,393 <br />4€89 <br />4,6614542,814See Very <br />Low/LowRezone Sites (Net New) <br />1s81281,242 158See Very <br />Low/Low <br />Surplus I (Shortfall) With <br />Rezone Sites <br />Source: City of Pleasanton, LWC <br />Extremely <br />Low <br />very <br />Low <br />Above <br />Moderate <br />TotalLow Moderate <br />(2s6) <br />+516 <br />1,488