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Ajay <br /> Planning Commission <br />Agenda Report <br /> May 10, 2023 <br /> Item 2 <br /> <br /> <br />SUBJECT: P23-0180 <br /> <br />APPLICANT: King’s Land Chess, Inc. <br /> <br />PROPERTY OWNER: Ajay and Madhu Dhillon <br /> <br />PURPOSE: Application for a Conditional Use Permit to operate a chess tutoring <br />facility with bimonthly tournaments. <br /> <br />LOCATION: 1024 Serpentine Lane, Suite 101 <br /> <br />GENERAL PLAN: General and Limited Industrial <br /> <br />ZONING: PUD-I (Planned Unit Development - Industrial) District <br /> <br />EXHIBITS: A. Draft Resolution and Conditions of Approval <br /> B. Narrative/Project plans dated “Received April 3, 2023” <br /> C. Location and Notification Map <br /> <br /> <br />STAFF RECOMMENDATION <br />Approve Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Case No. P23-0180 based on the findings and subject <br />to the draft conditions of approval in Exhibit A. <br /> <br />EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <br />The applicant requests CUP approval to operate a chess tutoring facility with bimonthly <br />tournaments. A tutoring facility requires Planning Commission review and approval of a CUP at <br />this location. As proposed, staff recommends the Planning Commission find this use consistent <br />with the objectives of the zoning district and compatible with the surrounding uses. There are <br />other similar tutoring facility uses within the Valley Business Park previously approved by the <br />Planning Commission and operating without any reported issues. Conditions of approval have <br />been included to ensure the safety and general welfare of the surrounding area, and the City in <br />general, is maintained. <br /> <br />BACKGROUND <br />Valley Business Park was approved under Ordinance No. 928 by the City Council on March <br />11, 1980, and modified in 2015 (PUD-80-01-15M) to conditionally permit tutorial services. <br />Valley Business Park is zoned PUD-I (Planned Unit Development-Industrial) District. Valley <br />Business Park contains a variety of uses including light industrial and manufacturing, office, <br />music and/or performing arts schools, tutoring facilities, daycare facilities, and religious <br />facilities and/or membership organizations. <br />