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Housing Element Amendments Planning Commission <br />2 of 5 <br /> <br /> <br />BACKGROUND <br />The Housing Element is part of the City’s General Plan and is a comprehensive <br />statement by the community of its current and future housing needs and proposed <br />actions to facilitate the provision of housing to meet those needs at all income levels. <br />Periodic updates of the Housing Element are required by state law , and the 6th Cycle <br />Housing Element covers the planning period from 2023-2031. The Planning <br />Commission reviewed and recommended adoption of the Housing Element (and <br />corresponding changes to the Land Use Element) on January 11, 2023, and on January <br />26 the City Council adopted the 6th Cycle Housing Element. <br /> <br />Certification by the State <br />HCD reviews each housing element prepared by individual jurisdictions across the State <br />and determines its compliance with State law. If HCD issues a finding that the Housing <br />Element is in substantial compliance with State law, it is referred to as “certification” of <br />the Housing Element. The City has interfaced with HCD at various points in the Housing <br />Element update process as follows: <br />• August 16, 2022, City submitted first draft Housing Element to HCD <br />• November 14, 2022, HCD provided a comment letter to the City <br />• November- December 2022 City revised the draft Housing Element in response <br />to the first comment letter <br />• January 26, 2023, City adopted its Housing Element <br />• February 14, 2023, adopted Housing Element was resubmitted to HCD on <br />• March 2023 HCD provided the City with informal comments on the resubmittal <br />• March 30, 2023, City submitted minor adjustments to HCD in response to the <br />interim comments <br />• April 10, 2023, HCD provided a formal comment letter to the City (Exhibit A) <br /> <br />Revisions made throughout the process to date have addressed the great majority of <br />HCD’s comments as submitted in their November 2022 letter to the City. However, in <br />HCD’s view, a few remaining items remain to be addressed before the Housing Element <br />can be certified as compliant. <br /> <br />Staff carefully reviewed HCD’s April 10 comments and met with HCD staff to review <br />them. Based on the comments, staff made several proposed revisions, provided as <br />redlines to the adopted Housing Element. There is also one minor mapping adjustment <br />to the Land Use Map in the Land Use Element to align with the Housing Element as <br />described further below. These redlines are presented to the Planning Commission for <br />review. Ultimately, the City will resubmit the modified, adopted Housing Element to HCD <br />for final certification. <br /> <br />DISCUSSION <br />As noted, following submittal of the adopted Housing Element to HCD in February 2023, <br />staff had the opportunity to discuss the document informally with HCD in March 2023. <br />Staff made minor revisions to the adopted document in response to that meeting and