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STATE OF CALIFORNIA - BUSINESS, CONSUMER SERVICES AND HOUSING AGENCY GAVIN NEWSOM, Governor <br />DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT <br />DIVISION OF HOUSING POLICY DEVELOPMENT <br />2020 W. El Camino Avenue, Suite 500 <br />Sacramento, CA 95833 <br />(916) 263-2911 / FAX (916) 263-7453 <br /> <br />April 10, 2023 <br />Gerry Beaudin, City Manager <br />City of Pleasanton <br />123 Main Street <br />Pleasanton, CA, 94566 <br />Dear Gerry Beaudin: <br />RE: City of Pleasanton’s 6th Cycle (2023-2031) Adopted Housing Element <br />Thank you for submitting the City of Pleasanton’s (City) housing element that was <br />adopted January 26, 2023 and received for review on February 14, 2023. In addition, <br />the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) considered <br />revisions received on March 30, 2023. Pursuant to Government Code section 65585, <br />subdivision (h), HCD is reporting the results of its review. Our review was facilitated by a <br />conversation on March 21, 2023 with the City’s housing element team. In addition, HCD <br />considered comments from Farella Braun and Martell pursuant to Government Code <br />section 65585, subdivision (c). <br />The adopted housing element with revisions addresses most statutory requirements <br />described in HCD’s November 14, 2022 review; however, additional revisions are <br />necessary to substantially comply with State Housing Element Law (Article 10.6 of the <br />Gov. Code), as follows: <br />1.An inventory of land suitable and available for residential development, including <br />vacant sites and sites having realistic and demonstrated potential for <br />redevelopment during the planning period to meet the locality’s housing need for <br />a designated income level, and an analysis of the relationship of zoning and <br />public facilities and services to these sites. (Gov. Code, § 65583, subd. (a)(3).) <br />Identify actions that will be taken to make sites available during the planning <br />period with appropriate zoning and development standards and with services and <br />facilities to accommodate that portion of the city’s or county’s share of the <br />regional housing need for each income level that could not be accommodated on <br />sites identified in the inventory... (Gov. Code, § 65583, subd. (c)(1).) <br />Suitability of Nonvacant Sites: To demonstrate the potential for redevelopment, <br />the element generally screens sites utilizing indicators of potential (e.g., existing <br />versus allowable floor area, building age) and site-by-site assessments (e.g., <br />EXHIBIT A