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reflecting any modifications proposed by the Planning Commission; find that these <br /> amendments are consistent with the General Plan; and forward the proposal to the City <br /> Council for consideration. <br /> EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <br /> The Youth Commission, after holding five public meetings to receive information and consider <br /> the prevalence and impacts of underage smoking, has recommended that the City Council <br /> adopt ordinances to restrict the sale of tobacco products, including flavored tobacco and e- <br /> cigarettes. The Youth Commission has recommended, among other proposals, amending the <br /> zoning code to restrict the sale of tobacco products within 1,000 feet of public schools, public <br /> parks and public recreation facilities. This provision, and other related amendments, would add <br /> a new Chapter 18.109 Retailers of Tobacco Products and Paraphernalia and amend Sections <br /> 9.24.020, 18.40.030, 18.44.080, 18.48.130 and 18.48.140. The Youth Commission's <br /> recommendation is intended to reduce underage exposure to tobacco products, which the <br /> Youth Commission learned would also decrease children and teens from starting to smoke. <br /> In considering its recommendation on this item, the Planning Commission could choose to <br /> support the recommendation as made by the Youth Commission, or to modify some of its <br /> components. The City Council will consider the Planning Commission's recommendation <br /> along with those made by the Youth Commission, Economic Vitality Committee, and Human <br /> Services Commission at a study session in February. <br /> BACKGROUND <br /> In considering potential tobacco-related restrictions, the Youth Commission learned that: <br /> • In Alameda County, 81% of underage youth who try tobacco use flavored tobacco as a <br /> first tobacco product; <br /> • In Pleasanton, 30% of students have used electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), 20% <br /> currently use them, and 11% now use them at school; <br /> • Approximately 68% of current and former smokers start by the age of 18; <br /> • 90% of stores that sell tobacco products have cigarette advertising near registers, and <br /> exposure to such advertising increases the likelihood that youth will start to smoke; <br /> • The Alameda County Tobacco Control Program (a part of the Alameda County Public <br /> Health Department) has advised that there are 42 tobacco retailers in Pleasanton;' <br /> • Of youth who used flavored e-cigarettes, 74% said the device was obtained from a <br /> physical retail location, 52% obtained from a social source, and 6% obtained from the <br /> internet; and <br /> • Youth experimenting with tobacco products try different types and are extremely price <br /> sensitive. <br /> Based on this and other information, as well as concerns about health impacts and early <br /> addiction, the Youth Commission is recommending that the City Council adopt ordinances to: <br /> 1. Ban the sale of flavored tobacco; <br /> 2. Ban the sale of electronic smoking devices and related paraphernalia; <br /> ' City staff reviewed information from the Cal. Dept. of Tax and Fee Administration which lists 34 licensed <br /> cigarette and tobacco products retailers and 2 wholesalers and distributors in Pleasanton; as well as City of <br /> Pleasanton Business License information for 4 tobacco stores [where patrons generally need to be 18 or older to <br /> enter; and more than 60% of gross annual sales must be from tobacco and related products; see Cal. Business <br /> and Professions Code §22962(a)(4)]. <br /> Project No. P19-0389, Citywide Planning Commission <br /> 2 of 7 <br />runing shall be conducted by a certified arborist familiar with the International <br /> Society of Arboriculture (ISA) pruning guidelines and shall comply with the guidelines established <br /> by the ISA, Tree Pruning Guidelines, current edition, to maintain the health of the trees. <br /> P19-0390 Planning Commission <br /> Page 10 of 11 <br />tions to the public water mains. <br /> P19-0390 Planning Commission <br /> Page 7 of 11 <br /> will retain the cash <br /> deposit until all work is substantially complete, all areas are stabilized, and all hazards are <br /> mitigated to the satisfaction of the Director of Engineering/City Engineer. <br /> P19-0390 Planning Commission <br /> Page 6 of 11 <br />