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EXHIBIT A <br /> RESOLUTION NO. PC-2020-02 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE PLANNING COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF PLEASANTON <br /> RECOMMENDING APPROVAL OF THE APPLICATION OF THE CITY OF <br /> PLEASANTON, ON REFERRAL FROM THE YOUTH COMMISSION, TO ADD A NEW <br /> CHAPTER 18.109 RETAILERS OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS AND PARAPHERNALIA <br /> AND AMEND SECTIONS 9.24.020, 18.40.030, 18.44.080, 18.48.130 AND 18.48.140 <br /> OF THE PLEASANTON MUNICIPAL CODE TO RESTRICT TOBACCO SALES <br /> WITHIN 1,000 FEET OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS, PUBLIC PARKS AND PUBLIC <br /> RECREATION FACILITIES, AS FILED UNDER CASE P19-0389, <br /> AND A FINDING OF GENERAL PLAN CONSISTENCY <br /> WHEREAS, the Youth Commission has recommended that the City Council add <br /> a new Chapter 18.109 Retailers of Tobacco Products and Paraphernalia and amend <br /> Sections 9.24.020, 18.40.030, 18.44.080, 18.48.130, and 18.48.140 of the Municipal <br /> Code to restrict the sale of tobacco products and smoking devices within 1,000 feet of <br /> public schools, public parks and public recreation facilities in order to reduce youth <br /> exposure to tobacco advertising and products, and concerns about underage usage and <br /> health impacts; and <br /> WHEREAS, on January 15, 2020, the Planning Commission held a duly-noticed <br /> public hearing and considered the agenda report, Youth Commission, and staff <br /> recommendations, and comments from the public. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Planning Commission of the City <br /> of Pleasanton, based on the record of proceedings, including the oral and written staff <br /> reports and all public comment and testimony: <br /> Section 1: Finds that the Youth Commission's proposed amendment to the Municipal <br /> Code is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) pursuant to <br /> CEQA Guidelines §15061(b)(3) because the amendment has no possibility of having a <br /> significant environmental effect as adults 21 and over can continue to buy tobacco <br /> products and smoking devices from retailers outside of the proposed 1,000-foot <br /> restricted sales areas, as well as from tobacco stores. <br /> Section 2: The Planning Commission hereby recommends approval of Case P19-0389, <br /> the application of the City of Pleasanton, by Youth Commission referral, to add a new <br /> Chapter 18.109 Retailers of Tobacco Products and Paraphernalia and amend Sections <br /> 9.24.020, 18.40.030, 18.44.080, 18.48.130 and 18.48.140 of the Pleasanton Municipal <br /> Code to reduce underage exposure to tobacco products, as shown in Attachment 1; and <br /> finds that the proposal is consistent with the following provisions of the Pleasanton <br /> General Plan 2005-2025 Public Facilities and Community Programs Element, Human <br /> Services section: <br /> • Goal 9: Promote a healthy community and a strong community support system. <br /> • Policy 21 : Promote a healthy community through the provision of health and <br /> mental health facilities and services, and healthy community design. <br />ended and provided input at various meetings. <br /> Project No. P19-0389, Citywide Planning Commission <br /> 6 of 7 <br />ssion of tobacco products, <br /> Project No. P19-0389, Citywide Planning Commission <br /> 5 of 7 <br />the exemption would avoid putting these tobacco stores out of <br /> business. Nonetheless, any existing tobacco stores within the 1,000-foot buffer would be <br /> Project No. P19-0389, Citywide Planning Commission <br /> 4 of 7 <br />nducted by a certified arborist familiar with the International <br /> Society of Arboriculture (ISA) pruning guidelines and shall comply with the guidelines established <br /> by the ISA, Tree Pruning Guidelines, current edition, to maintain the health of the trees. <br /> P19-0390 Planning Commission <br /> Page 10 of 11 <br />tions to the public water mains. <br /> P19-0390 Planning Commission <br /> Page 7 of 11 <br /> will retain the cash <br /> deposit until all work is substantially complete, all areas are stabilized, and all hazards are <br /> mitigated to the satisfaction of the Director of Engineering/City Engineer. <br /> P19-0390 Planning Commission <br /> Page 6 of 11 <br />