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BACKGROUND <br /> There are five fire stations in the City of Pleasanton: <br /> • Fire Station 1 3560 Nevada Street <br /> • Fire Station 2 6300 Stoneridge Road <br /> • Fire Station 3 3200 Santa Rita Road <br /> • Fire Station 4 1600 Oak Vista Way <br /> • Fire Station 5 1200 Machado Place <br /> Station 1, Station 4 and Station 5 are relatively new and have been constructed with <br /> privacy in mind and accommodate all genders: each bedroom has a single occupant <br /> during each shift and the bathrooms are single occupancy, including a vanity, sink, toilet <br /> and shower (each bedroom has three beds to accommodate three different shifts, but <br /> only the bed assigned to the firefighter on duty is utilized at any given time). This type of <br /> layout is now standard in fire stations as the design addresses privacy and <br /> accommodates firefighters of all genders. <br /> The fire service has transformed over the years and now holds a more diverse <br /> workforce. Prior to this transformation, older fire stations were built more paramilitary <br /> style, with open bunkrooms shared by each firefighter on duty. Bathrooms were <br /> constructed like locker rooms with multiple toilets, urinals, sinks, and open showers. <br /> Station 2, built in 1985, and Station 3, built in 1969, were designed and constructed in <br /> this older style. <br /> In 2016, JKA performed a study of Stations 2 and 3 that assessed their general <br /> condition. The study reviewed the physical condition of each station, including structural <br /> and seismic integrity, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, etc. The study also <br /> considered the ability of each station to serve the current and future needs of the Fire <br /> Department. It was determined that Fire Station 2 was structurally sound and could be <br /> cost-effectively remodeled instead of razed and reconstructed. Station 3, however, <br /> could not be remodeled; instead, the most cost-effective solution would be to demolish <br /> and reconstruct the building and reconfigure the site. As a result of the study, the City <br /> budgeted funds to design the Fire Station 2 remodel, and budgeted funds to design and <br /> construct a new Fire Station 3. Station 3, due to its poor condition, was prioritized over <br /> Station 2. <br /> Fire Station 3 was designed and competitively bid in early 2019. Bids came in much <br /> higher than anticipated and the project was put on hold pending additional funding. At <br /> this time additional funding has been allocated to the project and it is anticipated that <br /> the project will be re-bid in early 2020, with construction beginning in summer 2020. Fire <br /> Station 3 has been designed with a more contemporary layout that addresses privacy <br /> and accommodates firefighters of all genders. <br /> The additional funding needed to construct Station 3 has ramifications for the time <br /> frame needed to design and completely remodel of Station 2. Also, as construction <br /> funding for the station is currently not available, development proposed in the vicinity of <br /> Page 2 of 3 <br />