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BACKGROUND <br /> Current City staffing fluctuates from approximately 200 to 450 temporary, part- <br /> time/seasonal employees throughout the year, with staffing levels peaking during <br /> summer. These unrepresented employees work a typical schedule ranging from eight to <br /> 30 hours per week and generally do not qualify for benefits. The City sets forth salaries <br /> determined by the City Council as providing compensation necessary to attract qualified <br /> candidates able to perform the duties necessary to provide the numerous quality <br /> programs and services throughout the City. Most of the City's temporary employees are <br /> in the Library and Recreation Department. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> The City strives to provide competitive wages for all employees. As such, a <br /> compensation study of temporary classifications was conducted in 2018 and <br /> adjustments were subsequently adopted by the City Council as a result of both market <br /> and minimum wage. Because a study was recently conducted, staff is not completing a <br /> full compensation study of temporary classifications at this time. However, wage <br /> adjustments are necessary to accommodate the January 1, 2020 minimum wage <br /> increase to $13.00 per hour. The classifications affected by the upcoming minimum <br /> wage increase are Library Page, Apprentice/Intern, Recreation Leader I, Preschool <br /> Aide, Preschool Teacher, Program Assistant and Clerical Assistant. The wages for <br /> Preschool Teacher are not currently below $13.00 per hour, however, the classification <br /> is receiving an increase to maintain the current five percent spread between Step 5 of <br /> the Preschool Aide and Step 1 of the Preschool Teacher. The Recreation Leader I <br /> classification is being eliminated from the temporary salary structure. <br /> CONCLUSION <br /> This report reviews the recommended changes to the classifications and compensation <br /> structure for the City's temporary, part-time/seasonal employees. As the City Council <br /> sets the compensation for this group of employees, staff seeks the City Council <br /> approval of these adjustments. <br /> Submitted by: Fiscal Review: Approved y: <br /> 4dac <br /> /��''vj J` N <br /> Debra Gill Tina Olson Nelson Fialho <br /> Director of Human Resources Director of Finance City Manager <br /> and Labor Relations <br /> Attachments: <br /> 1. Current Temporary, Part-time/Seasonal Classification Salary Structure, effective <br /> January 1, 2019 <br /> 2. Resolution of the City Council of the City of Pleasanton Setting Compensation <br /> and Amending the Temporary, Part-Time/Seasonal Classification Salary <br /> Structure <br /> Page 2 of 2 <br />