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BACKGROUND <br /> The Bernal Community Park Master Plan identifies public art as a key element for the <br /> park and calls out potential locations: "Primary locations for potential art placement <br /> include the Pleasanton Avenue entry to the Bernal Property from Bernal Avenue, and at <br /> primary Park gathering places." With this plan as a guide, a call for art was sent out in <br /> April 2018 for a public artwork piece in the Bernal Community Park Oak Woodland. <br /> Four submittals were received. All submittals were reviewed by the Public Art Selection <br /> Subcommittee (PASS) on June 22, 2018. <br /> Of the four art pieces submitted, the PASS committee recommended that "Pollinators" <br /> be reviewed by the Civic Arts Commission for inclusion in the Oak Woodland at Bernal <br /> Community Park. <br /> Bay Area artist, DeeDee Morrison submitted the design entitled, "Pollinators." <br /> "Pollinators" is a 9-foot high gage laser cut stainless steel sculpture commissioned by <br /> the City of Pleasanton (Attachment 1). The artist stated the following about her design: <br /> "Imagine encountering a stainless steel California oak leaf that is gracefully bent to <br /> express movement. The patterns that are laser cut into the leaf are created from native <br /> pollinator species that celebrate the incredible biodiversity of the region." <br /> The piece was originally proposed containing an illuminated element inside the <br /> sculpture. To ensure the natural environmental feel of the Oak Woodland, the artist was <br /> asked to remove the illuminated element. The artist indicated that she could remove the <br /> illuminated element and maintain the size and shape of the original design, or she could <br /> provide two unlit oak leaf sculptures instead of the one larger illuminated sculpture. <br /> The piece was then reviewed with the art conservator to determine stability and ongoing <br /> maintenance. The art conservator provided a list of suggestions to staff and the artist <br /> including types of materials to use to limit damage and increase weathering potential. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> The proposed location for the art piece is the Oak Woodland at Bernal Community Park. <br /> The Public Art Selection Sub-Committee (PASS), the Civic Arts Commission, and the <br /> Parks and Recreation Commission have reviewed the proposed concept for the art <br /> piece and the location. Their recommendations are listed below. <br /> The Civic Arts Commission reviewed "Pollinators" on November 5, 2018. By a 3-2 vote <br /> the Civic Arts Commission recommended one 9-foot high gage laser cut stainless steel <br /> sculpture, unlit, to be placed inside the Oak Woodland area near the north end of the <br /> park closest to Oak Vista Way and Bernal Avenue. The Civic Arts Commission was <br /> split on recommending a location at the north end or south end of the park. Ultimately, <br /> the vote was three in favor of the north end for better visibility in the community <br /> (Attachment 2). The alternate location at the south end of the site is shown in <br /> Attachment 3. <br /> Page 2 of 3 <br />