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PLANNING COMMISSION WORK SESSION/PRIOR APPLICATIONS' <br /> To receive early feedback from the Planning Commission and any interested individuals <br /> regarding the project, a Planning Commission work session was held on March 11, <br /> 2020. After taking public testimony, the Planning Commission provided comments on <br /> the work session discussion points (see the meeting minutes in Attachment 6). One <br /> member of the public (the applicant) attended the work session and spoke regarding the <br /> project. <br /> In May 2019 the applicant applied for a 486-unit residential project (also numbered as <br /> Case No. PUD-136) on the site of the current development application, as a standalone <br /> project that would be located immediately adjacent to the commercial redevelopment on <br /> the "Sears site" (see footnote). After discussion with City staff, the applicant presented <br /> an alternative development concept that revised the site plan and provided more <br /> integration between the residential and commercial components on the "Sears site" but <br /> would have required more significant land use changes including a General Plan <br /> Amendment to allow housing on the "Sears site." This combined residential/commercial <br /> version of the project was the subject of the March 11, 2020, work session, but has <br /> since been revised to the 360-unit residential project currently before the City Council. <br /> Outside of a discussion related to internal and external circulation patterns and traffic <br /> improvements (detailed in the work session meeting minutes found in Attachment 6), <br /> most of which would no longer be applicable or has been altered significantly by the <br /> design of the residential-only project being considered by the City Council under this <br /> application, the Planning Commission did not offer significant work session comments <br /> related to the residential only portion of the project at that time. Accordingly, no detailed <br /> summary of the work session is provided in this report. <br /> PLANNING COMMISSION ACTION <br /> The Planning Commission held a public hearing on February 22, 2023, to review and <br /> provide a recommendation to the City Council on the current application. In addition to <br /> the applicant team, one member of the public spoke in opposition to the project, <br /> indicating concern with the project's impacts related to traffic and on city infrastructure. <br /> The Planning Commission's comments were focused on: <br /> • Confirming the project's compliance with the 2012 Housing Site Development <br /> Standards and Design Guidelines and its support for the exceptions <br /> (concessions or waivers) requested by the applicant and mandated by State <br /> Density Bonus Law. <br /> • Confirming the project is providing adequate setbacks. <br /> • Confirming the project is providing adequate right of way dedication to facilitate <br /> bicycle traffic. <br /> In April 2019, the Planning Commission approved Design Review application P18-0340 for a standalone <br /> commercial redevelopment on the adjacent"Sears site" by Simon Property Group, which included <br /> demolition of the department store building and the associated parking structure. Those elements would <br /> have been replaced by a variety of new commercial uses oriented around a pedestrian plaza/open space <br /> that included new retail uses, a potential movie theater and gymnasium. That project has not moved <br /> forward due to COVID-19 impacts and changes in market demands, and it is uncertain if it will do so. <br /> Page 3 of 41 <br />