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3. Find the exceptions to the 2012 Housing Site Development Standards and Design <br /> Guidelines allowed by State Density Bonus Law as listed in the staff report are <br /> appropriate. <br /> 4. Introduce an Ordinance making the PUD findings and approving Case Number <br /> PUD-136, subject to the draft conditions of approval listed in Exhibit A. (Attachment <br /> 2) <br /> 5. Adopt a resolution approving the Affordable Housing Agreement. (Attachment 3) <br /> FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br /> The proposed project would be responsible for the payment of fees, pro rata shares of <br /> costs set forth in the Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program and for the costs of <br /> any required utility or infrastructure improvements. The project would incrementally <br /> increase the demand for City services, but in addition to payment of development <br /> impact fees would also add property tax revenue as well as incremental sales tax <br /> revenue associated with materials used for construction of the proposed project. <br /> REGULATORY CONTEXT <br /> In recent years, the State has adopted a series of laws pertaining to the approval of <br /> housing projects, particularly to limit the degree of discretion available to local <br /> jurisdictions in disapproving, requiring modifications, or reducing the density of projects <br /> designated or zoned for housing by the City. Specifically, the Housing Accountability Act <br /> (HAA) (Government Code section 65589.5) generally requires a jurisdiction to approve <br /> a project determined to be consistent with applicable standards; other related <br /> legislation, including 2019's Senate Bill 330, the Housing Crisis Act, further defined key <br /> terms of the HAA, including "objective design standards" that are the only basis under <br /> which a project may be evaluated. <br /> As such, this agenda report emphasizes analysis of compliance with applicable <br /> objective standards, in particular, in compliance with the 2012 Housing Sites <br /> Development Standards and Design Guidelines which were adopted in 2012 with the <br /> intent of regulating housing development on sites designated in the 4t" Cycle Housing <br /> Element, including this location, and were the standards in place at the time the project <br /> was deemed complete. <br /> Page 2 of 41 <br />