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ATTACHMENT 1 <br /> THE CITY OF <br /> 1 <br /> M-a <br /> PLEASANTON, <br /> MEMORANDUM <br /> Date: March 10, 2023 <br /> To: Mayor and City Council <br /> From: Gerry Beaud in, City Manager <br /> Subject: Upcoming Two-Year Capital Budget and Four-Year Capital <br /> Improvement Program <br /> Staff is preparing the two-year Operating Budget and the four-year Capital Improvement <br /> Program (CIP) budget that will be presented to City Council for consideration beginning with <br /> a workshop on April 18, 2023. Additional workshops will be scheduled as necessary to <br /> incorporate City Council direction to have balanced budgets ready for approval before the <br /> beginning of the new fiscal year on July 1, 2023. <br /> The purpose of this memorandum is to present components of the CIP development and to <br /> request Council input to inform the budget preparation to be presented on April 18. The focus <br /> of the memorandum is on existing and proposed projects within the CIP that are funded with <br /> non-restricted funds; these are the projects budgeted from the General Fund. The upcoming <br /> CIP presentation will also include recommendations about projects proposed to be funded <br /> with restricted funds, such as enterprise funds, Gas Tax, Measure BB, etc.; as the City has <br /> little discretion regarding how restricted funds are allocated, staff will prepare those budget <br /> recommendations separately for Council's approval. City Council input on projects funded by <br /> the General Fund is necessary because preliminary revenue projections indicate there will be <br /> fewer dollars available for allocation to facility and infrastructure projects over the next two- <br /> year budget cycle as compared to past years, yet the number of priority projects remains <br /> high. <br /> Finally, this memorandum will address how existing facility and infrastructure repair and <br /> replacement projects also compete for the same limited General Fund dollars through the <br /> Capital Budget and CIP development process, and why recent staff work on the ten-year <br /> infrastructure plan has increased concern about the City's ability to fund the needed major <br /> maintenance of existing facilities and infrastructure. Since many of these needs are not well <br /> documented at this time, staff is recommending the creation of an Asset Management Plan to <br /> fully understand maintenance and replacement need. <br /> With respect to the upcoming four-year CIP development, this memorandum will discuss the <br /> following four items: <br />