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BACKGROUND <br /> Staff prepared the attached memorandum regarding the four-year Capital Improvement <br /> Program and two-year capital improvement project budgeting process, as well as <br /> providing an overview of recent work accomplished on a 10-year infrastructure plan. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> The information outlined in the memo proposes a change to the capital improvement <br /> project budgeting process. Staff is soliciting the City Council's comments and <br /> concurrence with the proposed process change. If the City Council agrees with the staff <br /> recommendation regarding which projects are carried forward and which projects are to <br /> be deferred or canceled staff will continue to develop the Operating Budget and the <br /> Capital Project budget, which will be considered at the April 18, 2023, budget workshop. <br /> The 10-year infrastructure plan discussed in the memorandum requires no action from <br /> the City Council at this time. <br /> Submitted by: Fiscal Review: Approved by: <br /> Stephen Patrick Susan Hsieh Gerry Beaudin <br /> Director of Engineering Director of Finance City Manager <br /> Attachments: <br /> 1. Memorandum to City Council dated March 10, 2023, with attachments <br /> Page 2 of 2 <br />