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1 <br />From:Gerry Beaudin <br />Sent:Saturday, January 21, 2023 1:51 PM <br />To:David Haglund <br />Cc:Pamela Ott; Ellen Clark; Dan Sodergren; Jocelyn Kwong; Karla Brown; Jack Balch; Valerie Arkin; Julie <br />Testa; Jeff Nibert <br />Subject:Important Clarification re. Housing Element Update Process <br />Dear, David – <br />I write to you in the spirit of partnership and collaboration, and to ensure that we are working together to create <br />outcomes that serve our entire community. As I continue to see correspondence and communication from you <br />about PUSD-owned properties, I believe we need to set the record straight about the process the City has <br />underway at this time. <br />Specifically, we are working towards a citywide certified Housing Element, as required by State law. We are <br />just days away from the State’s deadline to approve the Housing Element. The Council is not in a position to <br />consider specific development proposals or site plans during this process or we risk delaying the objective we <br />need to achieve. <br />As a reminder to you and others questioning the City’s interest in providing workforce housing, the City is <br />required to plan for nearly 6,000 housing units over the next 8 years. Consistent with the applicable <br />requirements, nearly half of those units (over 2,750) will be targeted toward extremely low, very low, and low- <br />income households. PUSD continues to expressly state that workforce housing is important – the City knows it <br />is and is planning for over 2,750 units of it. In addition to the numbers, the draft Housing Element includes <br />specific policies that encourage and incentivize the development of workforce housing, including collaborating <br />with PUSD. <br />At this time, the City Council is focused on approving the citywide Housing Element because that is in the best <br />interest of the community. Setting the appropriate density range for the 18 or so sites that require rezoning as <br />part of the Housing Element is a significant undertaking and ultimately comes down to policy decisions that will <br />be made by the City Council. If the District is inclined to seek greater density for the Downtown and/or Vineyard <br />Avenue site(s) after the Housing Element is approved, we can certainly work together in short order to consider <br />the request. As you are aware, there are numerous recent examples (i.e., Sunflower Hill at Irby Ranch) of the <br />City working collaboratively with others to accomplish projects that meet multi-stakeholder needs. <br />Thank you for considering my request to assist the City in addressing a significant responsibility (approving the <br />citywide Housing Element) at this time. Once that milestone is achieved I welcome the opportunity to work with <br />you to develop workable project-level plans for PUSD-owned properties. <br />Sincerely, <br />Gerry Beaudin <br />City Manager <br />Office: 925-931-5002 <br /> <br />City of Pleasanton | P.O. Box 520 | 123 Main St., Pleasanton, CA 94566