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2 <br /> THE CITY OF <br /> CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> pLEASANTON. <br /> April 12, 2022 <br /> Engineering <br /> TITLE: REVIEW AND APPROVE THE DRAFT CONCEPTUAL DESIGN FOR <br /> LIONS WAYSIDE AND DELUCCHI PARKS AND APPROVE AN <br /> AMENDMENT TO THE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT WITH <br /> MOORE, IACAFANO, AND GOLTSMAN, INC. IN THE NOT-TO-EXCEED <br /> AMOUNT OF $28,770 FOR LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES <br /> AND TO PARTICIPATE IN PUBLIC OUTREACH NECESSARY TO <br /> UPDATE AND FINALIZE THE LIONS WAYSIDE AND DELUCCHI PARKS <br /> MASTER PLAN, CIP NO. 06716 <br /> SUMMARY <br /> The City began work on Lions Wayside and Delucchi Parks in 2006 following the <br /> completion of the Firehouse Arts Center and acquisition of the regional trail corridor (the <br /> downtown abandoned railroad property). In 2014, City Council adopted the Lions <br /> Wayside and Delucchi Parks Master Plan. In 2016, Council approved the California <br /> Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documents for the project. Staff and the City's <br /> consultant presented the project to the regulatory agencies in 2016. In response to <br /> feedback received from the agencies, the City substantially revised the conceptual <br /> design to reduce impacts to meet the regulatory agency requirements. <br /> In FY 2018/19, four alternative concepts were presented to City Council and the Parks <br /> and Recreation Commission for review and input. Additionally, in 2019, the City <br /> purchased 4363 and 4377 First Street and in 2020, the City removed the giant blue gum <br /> eucalyptus from Lions Wayside Park. <br /> The conceptual plans were revised to include the Commission and Council input and to <br /> incorporate the acquired properties and removal of the eucalyptus tree. The revised <br /> concept plan, creek design, and hydrology report were then presented to the regulatory <br /> agencies at two separate meetings in 2021. Staff received positive feedback from the <br /> regulatory agencies based on the revised design and presented the concept to the <br /> Parks and Recreation Commission on February 10, 2022. The Commission <br /> recommended approval of the concept with the consideration to locate the bandstand <br /> close to Railroad Avenue on the west side of Lions Wayside Park. <br /> The Lions Wayside and Delucchi Parks conceptual design plan is now being presented <br /> to City Council for review, input and approval. The design is supported by the agencies <br /> and meets the primary objectives and goals of the 2014 Master Plan. Upon Council <br /> review and approval, staff will update the Master Plan. The amendment to the <br />