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THE CITY OF IN <br />- A <br />a 11 isiGcJAu �i::� 7 A A <br />PLEASANTON. <br />12 <br />CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br />January 18, 2022 <br />Community Development <br />TITLE: REVIEW AND APPROVE POTENTIAL SITES TO BE CONSIDERED FOR <br />FUTURE REZONING TO ALLOW RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT AND FOR <br />INCLUSION IN THE ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS AND AS PART OF THE <br />SITES INVENTORY FOR THE 2023-2031 (6TH CYCLE) HOUSING ELEMENT <br />UPDATE <br />SUMMARY <br />Work is proceeding on the 2023-2031 (6t" Cycle) Housing Element Update, which among <br />other components will include an updated inventory of sites that can accommodate the <br />City's Regional Housing Need Allocation (RHNA). Based on a preliminary evaluation of <br />the capacity of existing sites that are zoned for residential development, there is a need to <br />identify additional locations for future re -zoning to allow for residential use, including sites <br />suitable for both lower-income and market -rate housing. <br />Staff has prepared an initial list of potential housing sites, analyzed each site, and <br />calculated the estimated yield of units for each site based on a specified preliminary <br />range. Each site has been provided a rank and score based on the previously -approved <br />site selection criteria. In addition to these quantitative criteria, more qualitative aspects <br />such as likelihood/suitability for development, geographic distribution, and "fit" with <br />community input to date on preferred types and locations for housing development are <br />analyzed and presented in this report. The sites and sites analysis were presented to the <br />Housing Commission for comments, and to the Planning Commission for a <br />recommendation to City Council at meetings in November and December 2021. A <br />Community Meeting was also held in December to receive public input on the potential <br />sites. The input received at these meetings, and the Planning Commission's <br />recommendation are summarized in this agenda report for City Council consideration. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />Review and approve potential sites to be considered for future rezoning to allow <br />residential development and for inclusion in the environmental analysis and as part of the <br />Sites Inventory for the 2023-2031 (6t" Cycle) Housing Element Update. <br />FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br />There is no financial impact anticipated as a result of this initial discussion. The majority <br />of the cost to prepare the Housing Element Update is covered by approved grant funding <br />(LEAP and REAP grant programs), with the remainder to be paid by the Lower Income <br />Housing Fund, as approved in conjunction with the professional service agreements <br />authorized by the City Council on March 16, 2021. <br />