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THE CITY OF 5 <br /> ,_ ut, 1.... CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> pL£ASANTON <br /> January 18, 2022 <br /> Finance <br /> TITLE: APPROVE PURCHASE ORDER AGREEMENT WITH ROBERT HALF <br /> INTERNATIONAL, INC. FOR TEMPORARY ACCOUNTING STAFFING <br /> SERVICES <br /> SUMMARY <br /> The Finance Department (Department) uses temporary staffing to assist with project- <br /> based workloads, backfill employees on an extended leave, or to backfill vacancies until <br /> the Department hires a permanent replacement. The Department created a purchase <br /> order agreement with Robert Half International, Inc. in the amount of $43,992 which was <br /> approved by the City Manager in September 2021, to backfill for a retired employee. <br /> The Department created a second purchase order agreement in the amount of $46,920 <br /> to assist with project-based workload. An amendment to the original purchase order is <br /> now necessary due to the increased duration to backfill the retired employee as well as <br /> to have additional contract capacity to hire temporary staff in the event there is another <br /> vacancy in the Department. The increased amounts will place the overall purchase in <br /> excess of the $100,000 threshold and requires City Council approval. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> Approve and authorize the City Manager to amend the original purchase order <br /> agreements with Robert Half International Inc. for up to $160,000 for temporary staffing <br /> services. <br /> FISCAL IMPACT <br /> The Finance Department's budget includes funding for temporary staffing services. <br />