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THE CITY OF 1 14 <br />C; Z L- °p°1.ral ill CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br />PLEASANTONe <br />November 16, 2021 <br />Operations Services <br />TITLE: APPROVE SECOND AMENDMENT TO AGREEMENT WITH HARVEY <br />ELECTRIC FOR ELECTRICAL REPAIRS IN THE NOT TO EXCEED <br />AMOUNT OF $700,000 <br />SUMMARY <br />Harvey Electric performs as -needed electrical services for the City and was selected <br />through a competitive bid process in FY 2019/20 for a three-year as -needed agreement <br />in the amount of $500,000. This past year, there were several unanticipated repairs <br />including the pathway lighting at the Ken Mercer Sports Park and damaged electrical at <br />the Amador Theater caused by water damage from a ruptured pipe that occurred during <br />the pandemic. These repairs were unplanned but could not be delayed. Therefore, staff <br />is requesting to increase the current agreement with Harvey Electric to a not -to -exceed <br />amount of $700,000 for the term of this agreement. This increase will ensure adequate <br />funding to complete current projects and any potential electrical repairs for the <br />remainder of the agreement. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />Authorize the City Manager to execute the second amendment to the agreement with <br />Harvey Electric in the not -to -exceed amount of $700,000. <br />FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br />The agreement with Harvey Electric is funded by the Facilities operating budget (40301) <br />and the Facilities Repair and Replacement Fund (515). <br />