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kj <br />THE CITY OF 111 <br />PLEAill= <br />ill SAN Q CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br />November 16, 2021 <br />City Manager <br />TITLE: APPROVE PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AGREEMENT WITH GOODNESS <br />VILLAGE, A NON PROFIT CORPORATION, TO PROVIDE TEMPORARY <br />SUPPORTIVE HOUSING FOR PLEASANTON RESIDENTS EXPERIENCING <br />HOMELESSNESS <br />SUMMARY <br />Goodness Village was founded in 2020 as a 501(c)(3) public charity corporation to <br />support unhoused local people who consider the Tri -Valley their home. The organization <br />exists to bring family to those in need of a home through providing a community-based <br />tiny home village for those who have been chronically homeless. <br />In October 2021, Goodness Village submitted a funding request to the City of <br />Pleasanton for $96,600 to address a funding gap created by overages in the building <br />costs which, in turn, impacted the budgeted operating costs for the 2021-2022 fiscal <br />year. The funding request represents the identified funding gap beginning in January <br />2022 through June 30, 2022. The funding request was presented to the Tri -Valley cities <br />of Dublin, Livermore and Pleasanton. The requested amount represents the funding gap <br />divided by the three cities based upon the number of residents being housed at <br />Goodness Village from each city. Currently there are five Pleasanton residents at <br />Goodness Village. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />It is recommended the City Council approve the Professional Services Agreement with <br />Goodness Village (Attachment 1) in the amount not to exceed $96,600 and appropriate <br />the funds from the Low Income Housing Fund 12212300-430107. <br />FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br />The proposed Professional Services Agreement with Goodness Village is for an amount <br />not to exceed $96,600. Funding for this agreement will come from the Low Income <br />Housing Fund 12212300-430107 if appropriated by the City Council. <br />