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Item 6a <br />THE CITY OF AGENDA REPORT <br />--'r� CITY COUNCIL AND BOARD OF TRUSTEES <br />FL£ASANTON, JOINT MEETING <br />September 30, 2021 <br />TITLE: CITY OF PLEASANTON GROWTH PROJECTIONS <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />Receive information regarding currently active major development projects and City growth <br />projections. <br />SUMMARY <br />The Community Development Department publishes a memorandum of notable development <br />projects, long-range planning efforts, and transportation planning and engineering projects <br />every two months. The latest edition of this update, dated September 15, 2021, is Attachment <br />1 to this report. Summarized in this agenda report are major residential projects that are near <br />completion and are expected to be fully occupied in the near term, as well as projects currently <br />under review. A significant effort currently underway is the update to the City's Housing <br />Element, which must be adopted by January 2023. City staff will engage with PUSD through <br />the update process as work proceeds to identify and select sites determined to be suitable <br />locations for new housing, both in an effort to reduce impacts to already oversubscribed <br />schools and to help the District anticipate and plan for new facilities to meet future needs. <br />BACKGROUND <br />The Community Development Department update was created to better inform the community <br />of existing and upcoming major development projects. An interactive online map has been <br />added to the City's website(htt❑:Ilvuww.citvofoleasantonca.aovl <br />aov/depts/cdldefault.asp) to accompany the summary memorandum, that allows users to click <br />on identified projects to access key characteristics and status. <br />DISCUSSION <br />The following abbreviated list, drawn from Attachment 1, includes major residential projects <br />whose construction is nearing completion and are expected to be fully occupied in the next 6 to <br />12 months. Also listed below is approved major projects (>5 units) that are expected to move <br />into a construction phase within approximately the next year, and three major projects currently <br />under review. <br />Approved and Under Construction <br />• Lund Ranch — Terminus of Lund Ranch Road <br />43 single-family homes. Construction (grading) started in April 2021 <br />• Valley Trails, Ponderosa Homes — 6900 Valley Trails Drive <br />36 single-family homes. 25 homes complete and occupied; remainder anticipated 2021. <br />• Irby Ranch/Sunflower Hill — 3988 First Street and 3878 and 3780 Stanley Boulevard <br />