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orm 1..„ <br /> . .,..... ..._ <br /> TrHE CITY OF <br /> L£ASAN TONCITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> ._ <br /> November 5, 2019 <br /> Finance <br /> TITLE: ADOPT A RESOLUTION TO ACCEPT THE FY 2018/19 YEAR-END <br /> FINANCIAL REPORT FOR THE CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM <br /> (CIP) BUDGET AND AMEND THE FY 2018/19 CIP BUDGET <br /> SUMMARY <br /> This report (Report) presents the results of the FY 2018/19 Capital Improvement <br /> Program (CIP) and recommended changes in the fund balance reserves. This <br /> information is unaudited. The audited information will be reflected in the City's <br /> Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and will be presented to Council once <br /> the City's independent auditor has issued its opinion on the CAFR and the Audit <br /> Committee has reviewed it, which is expected to occur in January 2020. If there are <br /> any differences in the financial information presented in this report and the CAFR due to <br /> the audit, those changes will be highlighted for the Council at the time the CAFR is <br /> presented to the Council for acceptance in January or February of 2020. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> Staff recommends that Council adopt the attached resolution to take the following <br /> actions: <br /> 1. Amend the FY 2018/19 CIP as detailed in Attachment 2. <br /> 2. Accept the Year-End report. <br /> FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br /> The recommendations as outlined in this report present all financial activity and <br /> changes in the FY 2018/19 CIP for Council's approval since the last approved budget <br /> adjustments (Mid-year Capital Improvement Program adopted by Council on March 5, <br /> 2019). <br />