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THE CITY OF <br />�z °� i�� �"�'�� ' "`' CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br />�L£�S�NTON� <br />September 17, 2019 <br />Engineering <br />TITLE: APPROVE PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS, REVIEW BIDS, AND AWARD <br />A CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT TO GOODLAND LANDSCAPE <br />CONSTRUCTION, INC. IN THE AMOUNT OF $429,738 FOR THE <br />CONCESSION STAND NO. 2 AT KEN MERCER SPORTS PARK, <br />CIP NO. 17747 <br />SUMMARY <br />Bids have been received for the project to replace the existing 26 -year-old wooden <br />modular Concession Stand No. 2 at Ken Mercer Sports Park with a prefabricated <br />masonry building. The project includes removal of the existing building, foundation, and <br />surrounding concrete, relocation of the utilities, upgraded PG&E service, and installation <br />of the new foundation, utilities, and a prefabricated building. The project was designed, <br />then competitively bid, and staff recommends the award of the construction contract to <br />the lowest responsible bidder, Goodland Landscape Construction, Inc., in the amount of <br />$429,738. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />1. Approve the plans and specifications for this project. <br />2. Review the bids received and award the construction contract for the project to <br />Goodland Landscape Construction, Inc. of Tracy, California, in the amount of <br />$429,738. <br />3. Authorize the City Manager to enter into the above construction contract. <br />4. Authorize the Director of Engineering to approve and execute contract change <br />orders for a contingency amount not -to -exceed $67,500. <br />5. Authorize allocation of funds in the amount of $85,000 from the General Fund — <br />Capital Improvement Program Reserve (CIPR). <br />FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br />The anticipated total expenditure for this project is $510,000, including a construction <br />contingency of $67,500 and $10,000 for miscellaneous expenses which include <br />anticipated, necessary work related to PG&E and material testing. There is $425,000 <br />currently budgeted in CIP No. 17747. After the transfer recommended above, there will <br />be $510,000 available in CIP No. 17747 to fully fund this project. The funding and <br />anticipated project expenditures are detailed in Attachment 1. <br />