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THE CITY OF Planning Commission <br /> --�—� , Agenda Report <br /> ,,,, <br /> —.. m :In s,..� 1 ,,, <br /> LEASANTON September 11 , 2019 <br /> Item 3 <br /> SUBJECT: PUD-130/TRACT 8472/P18-0078/P18-0079/P18-0080/P18-0081 <br /> Hidden Canyon Residences and Preserve Project <br /> APPLICANT: Ponderosa Homes II, Inc. <br /> PROPERTY OWNER: Mabel E. Lester and Shriners Hospitals for Children <br /> PURPOSE: Scoping Session for the Draft Environmental Impact Report that will <br /> analyze the environmental effects of proposed applications for four <br /> parcels totaling approximately 128.5 acres, including annexation, <br /> General Plan amendments, and Planned Unit Development (PUD) <br /> rezoning and development plan to demolish two homes, construct <br /> 31 single-family detached homes with related on-and-off-site <br /> improvements, and public land dedication and improvements. <br /> LOCATION: Lester Properties: 11021 and 11033 Dublin Canyon Road and <br /> the parcel west of 11021 Dublin Canyon Road (APN 941-2500-3) <br /> Shriners Property: 10807 Dublin Canyon Road (APN 941-2700-2) <br /> GENERAL PLAN: 10807 and 11021 Dublin Canyon Road: <br /> Low Density Residential and Open Space-Public Health and Safety <br /> 11033 Dublin Canyon Road: <br /> Open-Space Public Health and Safety <br /> Parcel west of 11021 Dublin Canyon Road: <br /> Low Density Residential, Open Space-Public Health and Safety, <br /> and Open Space-Agriculture and Grazing <br /> ZONING: Lester Properties: <br /> Unincorporated - Prezoned-A (Agriculture) District <br /> Shriners Property: <br /> Unincorporated <br /> EXHIBIT: A. Notice of Preparation <br /> B. Vesting Tentative Tract Map 8472 <br /> C. Location and Notification Map <br />olution PC-2019-18 approving Case P19-0140 was adopted with conditions. <br /> MATTERS INITIATED BY COMMISSION MEMBERS <br /> Chair Allen inquired about the historical home being torn down on Second Street. <br /> Mr. Dolan responded that the home to be torn down was in need of demolition; however, the <br /> owners did not approach the City and go through the proper channels to act accordingly. He <br /> also remarked that staff will review the PMC and add stricter regulations and enforcement to <br /> prevent such situations in the future. <br /> Planning Commission Minutes Page 8 of 9 August 14, 2019 <br />ould even be proposed in the downtown area. <br /> While this type of recreational use is new to the City, he thinks the operator has demonstrated <br /> competence with their design concept, has pursued certifications and training of their staff, <br /> players are with employees at all times and are being supervised, the single lane separation is <br /> handled with mesh and is a stronger barrier than the application had initially outlined. He <br /> stated that, for all of these reasons, it helps him think the serving of alcohol could be overcome <br /> as a concern; however, he was also open to ideas to tie the resultant activities to the operator. <br /> He noted a rock-climbing wall is inherently more dangerous than bocce, so he thinks the <br /> operator has provided ways to mitigate risk sufficiently. <br /> Commissioner O'Connor echoed that he is supportive of the location for this type of activity <br /> and does not have an issue with parking. He agrees this is a more dangerous activity than <br /> other such uses but does not see the correlation to the current violence in the media. He <br /> expressed the desire to see a limitation set around alcohol consumption during the time of <br /> play, perhaps limiting consumption to two drinks per player for the duration of play. He also <br /> Planning Commission Minutes Page 7 of 9 August 14, 2019 <br />