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THE CITY OF Planning Commission <br /> iii ;I,, -i. III Agenda Report <br /> LEASANTO\I August 142019 <br /> Item 2 <br /> SUBJECT: P19-0140 <br /> APPLICANT: Michael Hill, Limitless Axe Lounge <br /> PROPERTY OWNER: Ralph Martin <br /> PURPOSE: Application for Conditional Use Permit to operate an indoor axe <br /> throwing lounge <br /> LOCATION: 1809 Santa Rita Road, Suites A & B <br /> GENERAL PLAN: Retail/Highway/Service Commercial/Business and Professional <br /> Offices <br /> ZONING: PUD-C (Planned Unit Development-Commercial) District <br /> EXHIBITS: A. Draft Resolution and Conditions of Approval <br /> B. Narrative/Project Plans dated "Received July 19, 2019" <br /> C. Location and Notification Map <br /> D. Public Correspondence <br /> STAFF RECOMMENDATION <br /> Staff recommends the Planning Commission approve Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Case No. <br /> P19-0140 based on the findings and subject to the draft conditions of approval in Exhibit A. <br /> EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <br /> The applicant requests CUP approval to operate an indoor axe throwing lounge within an <br /> existing tenant space at 1809 Santa Rita Road, Suites A & B within the Valley Plaza shopping <br /> center. While axe throwing lounges are not specifically listed in the Pleasanton Municipal Code <br /> (PMC), staff believes the use could be classified in the "bowling alleys, pool halls, indoor bocce <br /> courts, and other similar uses" category of the PMC, which requires Planning Commission <br /> review and approval of a CUP at this location. As such, the CUP application is before the <br /> Planning Commission for consideration. As proposed, staff believes this use is consistent with <br /> the objectives of the zoning district and will be compatible with the surrounding uses. <br /> Conditions of approval have been included which will ensure that the safety and general <br /> welfare of the surrounding area, and the City in general, is maintained. <br /> BACKGROUND <br /> Valley Plaza Shopping Center was approved in 1973 under Ordinance No. 719; it establishes <br /> a zoning district for each building within the center. The subject building follows the C-S <br />ing Commission Minutes Page 3 of 4 July 24, 2019 <br />Commission Minutes Page 2 of 4 July 24, 2019 <br />nsidered routine and will be enacted by one <br /> motion unless a request for removal for discussion or explanation is received from the Planning <br /> Commission or a member of the public by submitting a speaker card for that item. <br /> 1. Approve the meeting minutes of July 24, 2019 <br /> 2. P19-0140, Michael Hill/Limitless Axe Lounge —Application for Conditional Use Permit approval <br /> to operate an indoor axe throwing lounge within an existing tenant space located at 1809 Santa Rita <br /> Road, Suites A & B. Zoning for the property is PUD-C (Planned Unit Development-Commercial) <br /> District. <br /> 3. P19-0059, Mark B. Lee/Lee-Jagoe Architecture, Inc. —Application for Design Review approval to <br /> construct an approximately 7,432-square-foot single-family residence with an approximately <br /> 1,603-square-foot garage at 4108 Foothill Road. Zoning is Planned Unit Development- Low Density <br /> Residential, Rural Density Residential, and Open Space (PUD-LDR/RDR/OS) District. <br />