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THE CITY OF <br /> —•• ° -•- ' "' CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> pLE ASANTONL <br /> July 16, 2019 <br /> Operations Services <br /> TITLE: APPROVE AGREEMENT WITH D.H.R. CONSTRUCTION INC., IN THE <br /> AMOUNT OF $211,000 FOR CALLIPPE PRESERVE GOLF COURSE <br /> RENOVATIONS <br /> SUMMARY <br /> Annually City staff and CourseCo, the City's operator of Callippe Preserve Golf Course, <br /> identify course improvements to address maintenance needs and to enhance course <br /> playability. The projects identified for enhancement this fiscal year include five complete <br /> bunker renovations, reconditioning of seven tees, and the re-grading of the wedding <br /> area located on the grounds adjacent to the clubhouse. D.H.R. Construction performed <br /> course renovations in 2015 and the bunker renovation work completed in 2017 and is <br /> the only contractor that is qualified to perform the aforementioned renovations according <br /> to City standards and specifications. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> Approve and authorize the City Manager to execute an agreement with D.H.R. <br /> Construction Inc., for the Callippe Preserve Golf Course renovations for a not-to-exceed <br /> amount of $211,000. <br /> FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br /> Funding for this project is allocated in the Golf Course Repair and Replacement Fund. <br /> The total cost of the construction renovations is for a not-to-exceed amount of <br /> $211,000. This amount includes a 10% contingency for unforeseen circumstances and <br /> related extra services as determined to be necessary by the City. <br />