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THE CITY OF <br /> palft$1141111111.. Planning Commission <br /> . , ' Agenda Report <br /> �.. <br /> LEASANTONC June 12, 2019 <br /> Item 3 <br /> SUBJECT: P19-0112 and P19-0113 <br /> APPLICANT: PJR Design Associates, Patricia Ruvalcaba <br /> PROPERTY OWNER: James and Kelly Morgenroth <br /> PURPOSE: Applications for Conditional Use Permit and Administrative Design <br /> Review approval to construct an approximately 700-square-foot, <br /> single-story addition to the east side of the existing detached <br /> garage. <br /> LOCATION: 455 Sycamore Road <br /> GENERAL PLAN: Medium Density Residential <br /> SPECIFIC PLAN: North Sycamore Specific Plan — PUD-Medium Density Residential <br /> ZONING: PUD-MDR (Planned Unit Development — Medium Density <br /> Residential) <br /> EXHIBITS: A. Draft Resolution and Conditions of Approval <br /> B. Project Plans dated "Received April 26, 2019" <br /> C. Location and Notification Map <br /> STAFF RECOMMENDATION <br /> Staff recommends the Planning Commission approve Conditional Use Permit (CUP) No. <br /> P19-0112 and Administrative Design Review (ADR) No. P19-0113, based on the findings and <br /> subject to the draft conditions of approval in Exhibit A. <br /> EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <br /> The applicant requests CUP and ADR approvals to construct an approximately <br /> 700-square-foot, single-story storage room addition to the east of the existing detached garage <br /> at 455 Sycamore Road, within the North Sycamore Specific Plan (NSSP). The property is <br /> zoned PUD but does not have a PUD development plan with development standards. <br /> Therefore, any changes/alterations/additions to the subject site would require either: 1) a PUD <br /> development plan to establish site specific development standards; or 2) a CUP that only <br /> addresses the proposed project. The property owner has opted to pursue option two, a CUP, <br /> which requires review and action by the Planning Commission. An ADR application is required <br /> for the addition and is being processed concurrently with CUP for the Planning Commission's <br /> consideration. As proposed and conditioned, staff finds the location and design of the <br />