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THE CITY OF Planning Commission <br /> 2121r Agenda Report <br /> min : -.. iii :lin 1 <br /> LEASANTONC June 12, 2019 <br /> Item 2 <br /> SUBJECT: P19-0048 and P19-0049 <br /> APPLICANT: Saeed Khan <br /> PROPERTY OWNER: Dutra Enterprises, INC. <br /> PURPOSE: Applications for Conditional Use Permit to operate a preschool and <br /> Design Review to construct an outdoor playground and related <br /> improvements for the proposed preschool. <br /> LOCATION: 5950 Stoneridge Drive <br /> GENERAL PLAN: Business Park (Industrial / Commercial and Office) / Mixed Use <br /> ZONING: PUD-I/C-O (Planned Unit Development — Industrial/Commercial- <br /> Office) District <br /> EXHIBITS: A. Draft Resolution and Conditions of Approval <br /> B. Narrative and Project Plans dated "February 25, 2019" <br /> C. Location and Notification Map <br /> STAFF RECOMMENDATION <br /> Staff recommends the Planning Commission approve Conditional Use Permit (CUP) No. <br /> P19-0048 and Design Review No. P19-0049 based on the findings and subject to the draft <br /> conditions of approval in Exhibit A. <br /> EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <br /> The applicant requests CUP and Design Review approvals to establish a new preschool <br /> (Empire Montessori) for up to 120 children and construct an outdoor playground at <br /> 5950 Stoneridge Drive, within Hacienda Business Park. At this location, preschools require <br /> Planning Commission review and approval of a CUP. As proposed and conditioned, staff finds <br /> the use and design of the playground consistent with the intent of the General Plan and <br /> objectives of the zoning district and will be compatible with the surrounding uses; therefore, <br /> staff recommends approval of the CUP and Design Review applications. <br /> BACKGROUND <br /> State-Licensed Childcare Facilities <br /> Childcare facilities, such as the proposed preschool (e.g. facilities that include infants and <br /> children younger than four years and nine months of age), are required to be State licensed <br />