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THE CITY OF <br /> °`�• -•- "' CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> pLEASANTON. <br /> May 15, 2018 <br /> Mayor <br /> TITLE: APPROVE THE NOMINATION OF COUNCILMEMBER OLSON AS <br /> PLEASANTON'S REPRESENTATIVE ON THE HOUSING AUTHORITY OF <br /> THE COUNTY OF ALAMEDA HOUSING COMMISSION <br /> SUMMARY <br /> Christine Steiner recently submitted her resignation from the Housing Authority of the <br /> County of Alameda (HACA) Housing Commission due to her move out of the state. Ms. <br /> Steiner served as the City's Representative for a number of years and her passion for <br /> housing and human services was an attribute to Pleasanton. Councilmember Arne <br /> Olson has expressed his interest in serving as Pleasanton's Representative. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> Approve the nomination of Councilmember Olson as Pleasanton's Representative on <br /> the HACA Housing Commission. <br /> FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br /> There is no fiscal impact. <br />