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THE CITYOF 8 <br /> I1.1 CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> pL£ASANTON. <br /> December 5, 2017 <br /> Engineering <br /> TITLE: APPROVE PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS, REVIEW BIDS AND AWARD <br /> CONTRACT TO K.J. WOODS CONSTRUCTION, INC. IN THE AMOUNT OF <br /> $2,248,000 FOR THE ANNUAL WATER MAIN REPLACEMENT, MAIN <br /> STREET AND SANTA RITA ROAD PROJECT, CIP NO. 16128 <br /> SUMMARY <br /> Bids have been received for the project and staff is recommending award of the <br /> construction contract to the lowest responsible bidder, K.J. Woods Construction, Inc., in <br /> the amount of$2,248,000 for the base bid and the additive alternative bid item. The <br /> project replaces approximately 3,700 linear feet of water pipeline on Main Street and the <br /> Santa Rita Frontage Road with PVC C-900 pipe. The limits of work are from St. Mary <br /> Street north to Black Avenue. The existing pipeline is a combination of cast iron and <br /> asbestos cement, and was installed in the early 1960's. The pipes have had numerous <br /> repairs in recent years and are in need of replacement. The pipeline provides water to <br /> the Jensen Tract and downtown businesses. Construction in the downtown area is <br /> scheduled to start in early January and be complete by March 30, 2018. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> 1. Reject bid received on April 25, 2017, from D&D Pipelines for the Annual Water <br /> Main Replacement Santa Rita Road: St. Mary's to Jensen Street, CIP No. 16128. <br /> 2. Approve plans and specifications for this project. <br /> 3. Review the bids received and award the contract for the project to K.J. Woods <br /> Construction, Inc. of San Francisco, California, for the low bid amount of$2,243,000 <br /> and the additive alternative bid item of$5,000 for a total award amount of <br /> $2,248,000.00. <br /> 4. Authorize the City Manager to enter into the project contract. <br /> 5. Authorize the Director of Engineering to approve and execute any required contract <br /> change orders to address any unanticipated project conditions for a not-to-exceed <br /> amount of$224,800 (10% of the contract). <br /> 6. Authorize the Allocation of$164,274 for the Water Fund Surplus Reserves to Capital <br /> Improvement Program (CIP) No. 16128, Annual Water Main Replacement project <br /> 7. Authorize the transfer of: $872,025 from CIP No. 17128, Annual Water Main <br /> Replacement project; $244,000 from CIP No. 16111, Bi-Annual Control Valve <br /> Improvements project; and $400,000 from CIP No. 17136, Annual Bridge Water <br /> Main Replacement project; to CIP No. 16128, Annual Water Main Replacement <br /> complete the funding for this project. <br />