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pLEASANTON. CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br />1 <br />November 7, 2017 <br />City Council <br />TITLE: APPROVE FOURTH AMENDMENT TO EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT OF CITY <br />MANAGER NELSON FIALHO TO PROVIDE FOR A FIVE PERCENT <br />SALARY ADJUSTMENT RETROACTIVE TO SEPTEMBER 2017, <br />DEFERRED COMPENSATION, TRAINING, AND REQUIRE ADDITIONAL <br />EMPLOYEE PAYMENT TOWARDS MEDICAL INSURANCE <br />SUMMARY <br />The City Council appoints and evaluates the City Manager. Nelson Fialho has served as <br />Pleasanton's City Manager since 2004. The Mayor and Council have now reviewed Mr. <br />Fialho's performance and considered a salary survey for his position. Based on this <br />review, it is recommended that Mr. Fialho's employment contract be amended to <br />provide for: (a) a five percent salary increase retroactive to September 9, 2017 (his <br />currently salary is $217,221, so his new salary will be $228,082); (b) an additional 2.5% <br />of salary placed into his deferred compensation account (currently there is a 2% <br />contribution, which will be raised to 4.5% or $10,264); (c) upon completion of an <br />accredited Continuing Executive Education Training Program, a bonus of $7,500; and <br />(d) require Mr. Fialho to pay an additional $25 per month towards medical insurance <br />costs effective January 1, 2018. A contract amendment incorporating these changes is <br />attached. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />Approve the Fourth Amendment to the Employment Contract between the City and <br />Nelson Fialho, and authorize the mayor to sign on behalf of the city. <br />FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br />This contract amendment can be paid from available resources in the General Fund. <br />itted by: <br />j�� <br />I <br />Fiscal Review: <br />ayo(Jerry Thorne Tina Olson <br />Director of Finance <br />Attachment: <br />1. Fourth Amendment to Employment Contract with City Manager <br />