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P23-0389; 6668 Owens Drive Planning Commission <br />2 of 7 <br /> <br />BACKGROUND <br />The project site is part of Pleasanton Park business park. Pleasanton Park is zoned Planned <br />Unit Development – Industrial/Commercial-Office (PUD-I/C-O) District and was approved <br />under Ordinance No. 1044 by the City Council on July 13, 1982. The approval was modified on <br />June 9, 2010 through PUD-80-14-12M, to conditionally permit tutoring facilities and private <br />schools with more than 20 students. The proposed instructional facility is similar to a tutoring <br />facility; hence, it is subject to a Conditional Use Permit approval by the Planning Commission. <br /> <br />SITE AND AREA DESCRIPTION <br />The Pleasanton Park development was constructed in the early 1980s and provides a variety <br />of office/industrial uses, as well as personal services including private schools, gymnasiums, <br />martial arts, and religious facilities. The subject site is an approximately 1.13-acre parcel along <br />the western border of the business park. There are two vehicular entrance/exits to the subject <br />site from Owens Drive. A landscaped setback and sidewalk separate the public streets from <br />the parking lot and building. <br /> <br />The subject site contains an approximately 19,042-square-foot, two-story building with 50 on- <br />site parking spaces. The first floor is occupied by a martial arts studio. The upper story is <br />currently vacant and will be occupied by the proposed instructional facility with the approval of <br />the requested CUP. The existing building does not have a fire sprinkler system. <br /> <br />The site is surrounded by multi-tenant office buildings to the south, north, across Owens Drive <br />to the east. Dublin San Ramon Service District (DSRSD) is located to the west of the project <br />site. The site and surrounding context are shown in Figure 1 and focused site plan is shown in <br />Figure 2. <br /> <br />Figure 1: Project Site and Surrounding Areas <br /> <br />Figure 2: Site Plan <br />Dublin San Ramon <br />Services District