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BACKGROUND <br /> On June 16, 2020, City Council awarded the contract to the lowest responsible bidder, <br /> Goodfellow Bros. LLC, in the amount of$2,399,865 and authorized the Director of <br /> Engineering to approve change orders up to the project contingency amount of <br /> $311,982. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> The project consisted of full-width pavement overlay on approximately 825,000 square <br /> feet of pavement on various city streets in and near the Hacienda Business Park. The <br /> work included a new layer of asphalt concrete (as well as some full depth pavement <br /> repairs), adjusting utility covers to-grade, installing traffic detector loops, and traffic <br /> striping. The project is part of the City's Preventative Maintenance and Rehabilitation <br /> Program and will extend the service life of the streets. The streets repaired under this <br /> project were prioritized for treatment through the City's Pavement Management <br /> Program and met the eligibility requirements of the grant funding. The roadway repaving <br /> was performed on the following streets: <br /> STREET NAME BEGIN LOCATION END LOCATION AREA <br /> Willow Rd Owens Dr Gibraltar Dr 70,289 <br /> Hacienda Dr 1-580 Gibraltar Dr 215,000 <br /> Chabot Dr Owens Dr Stoneridge Dr 158,535 <br /> Chabot Dr Stoneridge Dr Inglewood Dr 49,055 <br /> Gibraltar Dr Hacienda Dr Stoneridge Dr 77,106 <br /> Owens Dr Andrews Dr West Las Positas Blvd 56,400 <br /> Stoneridge Dr Gibraltar 1560' E/O Gibraltar 197,467 <br /> Budget <br /> The total project cost, including project change orders and consulting services, was <br /> $2,390,991. Total funding for this project was $2,777,419 and included a grant for <br /> $1,095,000 from the One Bay Area Grant Program Cycle II (OBAG 2), Gas Tax, and <br /> Street CIP funds. Staff recommends the project balance of $386,428 be transferred to <br /> the Annual Street Resurfacing Project, CIP No. 21503, for upcoming street pavement <br /> rehabilitation work. <br /> The final project funding and expenditures are summarized in Attachment 1. <br /> Change Orders <br /> A total of six change orders, including the balancing change order, were issued for the <br /> project. These change orders resulted in a net decrease of $63,443 to the construction <br /> contract. The decrease in the contract cost was largely due to the deletion of the work <br /> within the Caltrans right-of-way at Hacienda Drive and 1-580. The City is responsible for <br /> the pavement of Hacienda Drive within the Caltrans right-of-way. To perform work in the <br /> right-of-way, the City applied for a Caltrans permit during the plan development. It was <br /> believed that the permit was forthcoming at the time of construction bid. However, <br /> Caltrans was slow to process the permit. When the permit was issued in December, it <br /> was too late in the year to complete the work. The Hacienda Drive segment that <br /> Page 2 of 3 <br />