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A -OS (Planned Unit Development —Agriculture and Open Space) District and the area south of <br />the creek where the church is being proposed is PUD-RDR (Planned Unit Development — <br />Rural Density Residential) District. The entire site has a General Plan designation of Rural <br />Density Residential. The application is being presented to the Commission as a work session, <br />providing the Commission with an opportunity to review the project, hear public comment, and <br />give direction to staff and the applicant prior to submittal of their formal application. A list of <br />focused discussion topics and questions are included in the body of this report. No formal <br />action will be taken on the application at this time. <br />BACKGROUND <br />PUD -114 and Parcel Map 10539 <br />In August 2016, the City Council approved a rezoning and development plan to rezone the <br />property from the A (Agriculture) District to the PUD-RDR-A/OS (Planned Unit development — <br />Rural Density Residential — Agriculture/Open Space) district to allow for the construction of <br />three new single-family residences with three accessary dwelling units on an approximately <br />4.3 -acre portion of a 16.2 -acre site (PUD -114). The City Council and Planning Commission <br />agenda report are included in Exhibit A for reference and the site plan is shown in Figure 1. <br />Subsequent to the PUD approval, in April 2017, a four -lot subdivision was approved by the City <br />to subdivide the existing 16.2 -acre site into four lots in accordance with the PUD approval. A <br />two-year extension of the map approval was granted on April 26, 2019 but the map has not <br />been recorded. <br />Figure 1 — PUD -114 Approved Site Plan <br />^ � v,rr LA CItH154 F LtVv'S <br />L01 3 <br />a <br />Ilk <br />t07I <br />PRESER4'F CCAW IY lr, <br />The conditions of approval for PUD -114 stated that the residential lots covered by the PUD <br />development plan would be subject to the permitted and conditional uses of the One -Family <br />Residential District and the agriculturally zoned portion of the lot covered by the PUD <br />PUD -114-01M, 11300 Dublin Canyon Road Planning Commission <br />2of13 <br />