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MOTION: It was m/s by Brown/Pentin to approve the Consent Calendar as submitted and as <br /> noted. Motion passed by the following vote: <br /> Ayes: Councilmembers Brown, Narum, Pentin, Testa, Mayor Thorne <br /> Noes: Councilmember Narum (Item 2) <br /> Absent: None <br /> MEETING OPEN TO THE PUBLIC <br /> 9. Presentation of a proclamation declaring November 30 as Small Business Saturday <br /> Councilmember Narum presented the proclamation to Economic Development Specialist Lisa <br /> Adamos, Steve Van Dorn, Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce, and Tiffany Cadrette, Executive <br /> Director Pleasanton Downtown Association. <br /> Ms. Cadrette thanked Council and the City of Pleasanton for partnering with small businesses in <br /> Pleasanton. <br /> Mr. Van Dorn thanked Council and the Pleasanton Downtown Association for their partnership. <br /> 10. Reading by Teen Poet Laureate Kanchan Naik <br /> Councilmember Narum introduced Ms. Naik and provided a history of her accomplishments. Ms. <br /> Naik presented her poem and thanked City Council for her appointment. <br /> 11. Public Comment <br /> The following expressed concern regarding traffic issues on Via Espada and encouraged City <br /> Council to address the issue. <br /> Jim Hollingsworth Jill Buck Jerry Joyce Kevin Hsu Katie Buck <br /> Betty Wagner Ron Fehrmann Nikkon Ghosh Fei Xie <br /> Bonnie Miller-Fehrmann spoke on behalf of her daughter Lily about a traffic incident on Via <br /> Espada and a road rage incident. She expressed concern regarding traffic issues on Via Espada <br /> and encouraged City Council to address the issue. <br /> City Traffic Engineer Mike Tassano reported that he has heard from the Via Espada residents <br /> over the past years and agrees that traffic has tripled in the last three to four years. He advised <br /> speeding is being addressed in the short term with speed lumps being installed by the end of the <br /> year and with traffic law enforcement. <br /> City Traffic Engineer Tassano reported that a long-term solution is the installation of traffic signals, <br /> which needs to be prioritized, but looks to be about five years out. <br /> Mayor Thorne suggested the item be agendized so it can be fully discussed by City Council. <br /> In response to Councilmember Testa's inquiry, City Traffic Engineer Tassano reported that he has <br /> concerns closing Santa Cruz at Via Espada as it will simply move the problem to Hansen Drive. <br /> He would like to look at other solutions to move the traffic to arterial roads. <br /> Christine Buchanan expressed concern about second-hand smoke in condos and encouraged the <br /> Council to investigate the issue. <br /> City Council Minutes Page 2 of 7 November 19. 2019 <br />