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RECOMMENDATION <br /> 1 . Find that the proposed PUD rezoning (P16-1349) and PUD Development Plan <br /> (PUD-121) are consistent with the General Plan and the purposes of the PUD <br /> Ordinance; <br /> 2. Make the PUD findings as stated in the draft ordinance (Attachment 1); and <br /> 3. Introduce the draft ordinance approving PUD rezoning (P16-1349) and PUD <br /> Development Plan (PUD-121), subject to the modified draft COA's listed in <br /> Attachment 1 . <br /> FISCAL IMPACT <br /> The proposed project would be responsible for the payment of fees and for the costs of <br /> any required utility or infrastructure improvements. The project would incrementally <br /> increase the demand for City services but would also add sales and property tax <br /> revenue. <br /> BACKGROUND <br /> Initial Submittal & Planning Commission Work Session <br /> On July 25, 2016, the applicant submitted a PUD Rezoning and Development Plan <br /> application to construct two single-story commercial buildings totaling approximately <br /> 8,660-square-feet in area; and a Conditional Use Permit application to operate a drive- <br /> through coffee shop from one of the buildings. The Planning Commission held a work <br /> session on September 28, 2016. Although some aspects of the project, such as the <br /> building architecture and proposed retail and restaurant uses were generally supported, <br /> the Commission had significant concerns about potential queuing and site circulation <br /> issues with the proposed drive through. Some, but not all, Commissioners suggested <br /> that the building should be positioned closer to Owens Drive, with parking behind. <br /> Proposed Project Modifications Since Planning Commission Work Session <br /> The revised plans were submitted on August 27, 2019 and were presented to the <br /> Planning Commission at a public hearing on September 25, 2019. A number of changes <br /> to the project were made, based on the Planning Commission's earlier feedback: <br /> • A single, multi-tenant commercial building is now proposed. The new commercial <br /> building is oriented toward the south (front) of the subject parcel along Owens Drive. <br /> Three potential outdoor dining areas are now proposed. <br /> • The drive-through has been removed from the proposed project scope. Access to <br /> the on-site drive aisle has been placed further north and away from Owens Drive. <br /> • All parking is now located behind the new commercial building and would be <br /> screened from Owens Drive. <br /> • The building architecture is now more traditional. The color palette and finish <br /> materials have been modified. <br /> Page 2 of 10 <br />