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FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br /> As required by law, the City will continue to incur a fiscal impact for those parcels that <br /> provide a "general benefit" and are City-owned. To that end, the City will pay $17 for <br /> Parcel 946-4563-125 (Del Prado Park) and $9,703 for the "general benefit" area along <br /> the Arroyo in District 1984-1 (Ponderosa-Del Prado); $253 for Parcel 948-0014-1-39 <br /> (water tank site) in District 1993-2 (Bonde Ranch); $1,121 for Parcels 941-1803-62 and <br /> 941-1801-02 (water tank site and trails staging area), in District 1995-1 (Moller Ranch); <br /> and $466 for Parcel 946-4585-044 (sewer lift station) in District 1994-1 (Oak Tree <br /> Farm). These fiscal impacts will be analyzed as part of the review to confirm compliance <br /> with Proposition 218. As with last year's total assessments, staff recommends that this <br /> total of $11,560 come from the General Fund, and be allocated within the appropriate <br /> LLMD budget as part of the normal two-year budgeting process. <br /> The cost of City administration of these Landscape and Lighting Maintenance Districts <br /> will be paid for from the respective District's funds. <br /> BACKGROUND <br /> The Landscaping and Lighting Act of 1972 (the "Act") authorizes local agencies to <br /> impose an annual assessment on real property benefiting from project-specific <br /> improvements in order to pay for the construction and maintenance of landscaping and <br /> lighting special improvements that benefit those parcels. The assessments are collected <br /> by Alameda County as part of the annual property tax bill. <br /> For each Landscape and Lighting Maintenance District, City staff follows a statutorily <br /> imposed process for yearly administration. City staff performs regular field inspections <br /> to ensure satisfactory performance by the maintenance contractor, reviews complaints <br /> or concerns of property owners, and processes progress payments to the contractor. <br /> City administration generally includes the following steps: <br /> 1. Prepare maintenance specifications for competitive bidding and advertise the <br /> maintenance projects for bids or amend the existing contract per contract terms. <br /> 2. Hold bid opening or amend contract. <br /> 3. Review bids and recommend acceptance of the lowest responsible bid or amend <br /> the contract; review maintenance costs, estimate annual costs (water, power, etc.) <br /> and prepare a budget to be included in the annual Engineer's Report. <br /> 4. Prepare the Engineer's Report for each District. <br /> 5. Prepare a legal notice and advertise the public hearing for annual assessments. <br /> 6. Prepare a City Council agenda report for public hearing. <br /> 7. Hold public hearing to confirm the Engineer's Report and levy the annual <br /> assessment after closure of the public hearing. <br /> Page 2 of 8 <br />