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3 <br /> THE CITY OF <br /> -r''°' CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> PLEASANTON, <br /> January 26, 2023 <br /> Community Development <br /> TITLE: ADOPT OBJECTIVE DESIGN STANDARDS FOR RESIDENTIAL <br /> DEVELOPMENT <br /> SUMMARY <br /> The City of Pleasanton is updating existing design guideline documents relevant to <br /> residential development such that the guidelines provide objective standards, in <br /> response to recent changes in State law that seek to streamline and increase housing <br /> production. These changes are focused on making approval processes more routine <br /> and predictable for developers by creating objective standards in lieu of more <br /> discretionary or subjective review procedures. The objective standards enclosed with <br /> this agenda report are, in two separate documents, those that apply to the Draft 6th <br /> Cycle Housing Element sites (and those that have been carried over from the 4th Cycle <br /> Housing Element), and those that apply to multifamily or mixed-use development in the <br /> R-M, C-C, and M-U Districts. <br /> The Planning Commission and City Council reviewed the draft objective design <br /> standards (ODS) at their December 14 and December 20, 2022, meetings, respectively. <br /> Since these December 2022 meetings, staff and the professional services team have <br /> reviewed and considered feedback provided by the Planning Commission and City <br /> Council, along with public comments. The Planning Commission reviewed the modified <br /> ODS at its January 11 , 2023, meeting and recommended adoption to the City Council. <br /> This meeting is to review and adopt the ODS, to align with adoption of the 2023-2031 <br /> (6th Cycle) Housing Element. <br /> PLANNING COMMISSION AND STAFF RECOMMENDATION <br /> At its January 11 , 2023, meeting the Planning Commission, by 4-0 vote, recommended <br /> the City Council adopt the ODS with modifications proposed by staff at the meeting. <br /> Staff recommends the City Council accept the Planning Commission recommendation <br /> and: <br /> 1. Find the adoption of Objective Design Standards are consistent with and would <br /> implement the goals and policies examined in the 2023-2031 (6th Cycle) Housing <br /> Element Update Program Environmental Impact Report (State Clearinghouse <br /> No. 2022040091); <br /> 2. Adopt the Objective Design Standards as enclosed with Attachment 1 to this <br /> agenda report with modifications as outlined in this agenda report; and <br /> 3. Provide the Director of Community Development the authority to make minor <br /> changes to the ODS after adoption, for reasons such as formatting, grammar, <br /> references.. adding additional diagrams, etc. <br />