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THE CITY OF Planning Commission <br /> Agenda Report <br /> :�_ <br /> LEASANTON© April 27, 2022 <br /> Item 7 <br /> SUBJECT: Actions of the City Council <br /> April 19, 2022 <br /> Consent Calendar: <br /> Actions of the Zoning Administrator <br /> Adopt a resolution approving the standard Parklet Design Package for the Downtown Parklet <br /> Program <br /> Council approved the consent calendar <br /> Public Hearing: <br /> Consider and provide direction to staff on the City of Pleasanton's participation in the California <br /> Statewide Communities Development Authority (CSCDA) Workforce Housing Program <br /> Council tabled the item <br /> Consider and provide direction on additional measures to provide enhanced accessibility and <br /> universal design features in new residential development <br /> Council reviewed and provided Staff with direction to bring back for further review: <br /> 1. Universal Design Ordinance for single-family, duplex and/or triplex units, <br /> including recommendations on mandatory versus features to be included <br /> 2. Universal Design Checklist, which through a condition of approval would be <br /> required to be provided by developers of projects to purchasers of new <br /> residential units for any project over a specified number of units, and <br /> 3. Update the current condition of approval negotiated for multi-family projects of 15 <br /> or more units, to include additional universal features or enhancements that may <br /> be offered within required adaptable units, with appropriate flexibility to modify <br /> such improvements to the needs of individual tenants or buyers. Developers shall <br /> be strongly encouraged to include this condition in all multi-family projects of 15 <br /> or more units. <br /> Actions of the City Council Page 1 of 1 April 27, 2022 <br />rector of Library and Recreation, 931-3400 <br /> Parks and Recreation Commission <br /> Advise the City Council, City Manager, and Parks and Community Services Department on <br /> matters related to the development and provision of services pertaining to parks and recreation <br /> facilities, programs and services. <br /> Meeting Time: Second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. <br /> Meeting Location: City Council Chamber, 200 Old Bernal Ave., Pleasanton <br /> Staff Contact: Heidi Murphy, Director of Library and Recreation, 931-3400 <br /> Youth Commission <br /> Act as the liaison between Pleasanton's youth community and the City Council; advise the <br /> Council on youth-related issues; promote an understanding and appreciation of community <br /> affairs among the youth of Pleasanton. <br /> Meeting Time: Second Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m., September-May <br /> Meeting Location: Remillard Conference Room, 3333 Busch Rd., Pleasanton <br /> Staff Contacts: Nicole Thomas, Recreation Supervisor, 931-3432 <br /> Committee, Commission, and Task Force List Page 2 of 2 April 27, 2022 <br />st shall be onsite during any tree work (i.e. root pruning, trimming, setting up <br /> tree protection, etc.). The bond or security may be released early with a certification letter by the <br /> arborist confirming he/she was present during said tree work and work was performed in <br /> accordance with the arborist's recommendations. <br /> 64. ROOT CONTROL BARRIER: The applicant shall provide root control barriers and 4-inch <br /> perforated pipe for all trees located within 8-feet of pavement or other hardscape, determined by <br /> the City Landscape Architect. Root barriers shall be located along the edge of the pavement <br /> wherever the tree is within 8-feet of pavement or hardscape. Information and details shall be <br /> Revised July 2019 Page 3 of 3 included in the landscape plan submittal for review and approval <br /> by the Landscape Architecture Division. <br /> P19-0410, 715 Rose Avenue Planning Commission <br /> Page 9 of 10 <br />ethod and manner for the provision of these funds and/or <br /> P19-0410, 715 Rose Avenue Planning Commission <br /> Page 5 of 10 <br />f10 <br /> low-income housing fee were different and therefore, there was a disjuncture between the two <br /> fees (i.e. the in-lieu fee does not cover 100 % of the cost of constructing an affordable unit). <br /> Planning Commission Minutes Page 3 of 7 February 9, 2022 <br />