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THE CITY OF Planning Commission <br /> INV Ili Agenda Report <br /> LEASANTON© April 27, 2022 <br /> Item 4 <br /> SUBJECT: P19-0410 <br /> APPLICANT: Kurt Hereld, Hereld &Ayres Architects <br /> PROPERTY OWNER: John Fracisco <br /> PURPOSE: Request for Design Review approval to: 1) construct an <br /> approximately 1,344-square-foot detached two-story, two-unit home <br /> in front of the existing single-story home; and 2) demolish the <br /> detached garage and construct an approximately 1,385-square-foot <br /> detached two-story garage with unit above, behind the existing <br /> single-story home, and related site improvements. <br /> LOCATION: 715 Rose Avenue <br /> GENERAL PLAN: High Density Residential <br /> SPECIFIC PLAN: Downtown Specific Plan — High Density Residential <br /> ZONING: RM-1,500 (Multi-Family Residential) and Core Area Overlay <br /> EXHIBITS: A. Draft Resolution and Conditions of Approval <br /> B. Project Plans dated "Received January 26, 2022" <br /> C. Location and Notification Map <br /> STAFF RECOMMENDATION <br /> Staff recommends the Planning Commission adopt the attached resolution approving <br /> P19-0410, based on the design review criteria of the Pleasanton Municipal Code (PMC) and <br /> subject to the draft conditions of approval listed in Exhibit A. <br /> EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <br /> The proposal would retain the existing single-family home and allow development of three new <br /> multi-family units at 715 Rose Avenue. The project includes associated site improvements <br /> including new landscaping and vehicular parking as described in this report. New multi-family <br /> housing requires review and approval by the Planning Commission. As proposed and <br /> conditioned, staff finds the proposal to be consistent with the objectives of the General Plan, <br /> Downtown Specific Plan, and zoning districts. The Planning Commission may approve, <br /> approve with conditions, or deny the application. <br />ion of work force housing to allow compliance without <br /> artificial restraints. He concurred with streamlining ADUs and utilizing the State mandate to <br /> address the housing need. He concurred with the need for denser number of units and creating <br /> affordable opportunities for families that reflected the different ethnic profiles and interests. He <br /> expressed concern about the impacts of infill on existing neighborhoods. He indicated support <br /> for employer partnerships. <br /> Commissioner Allen asked the implications for the housing sites included in the Housing <br /> Element. Ms. Clark stated the Council provided direction on the proposed housing sites and the <br /> environmental analysis was starting, therefore, it would be difficult to reconsider the sites. <br /> MATTERS FOR COMMISSION'S REVIEW/ACTION/INFORMATION <br /> 8. Reports from Meetings Attended (e.g., Committee, Task Force, etc.) <br /> There were no reports from meetings attended. <br /> 9. Actions of the City Council <br /> Ms. Clark provided a brief overview of the items listed in the report. <br /> 10.Future Planning Calendar <br /> Planning Commission Minutes Page 7 of 8 February 23, 2022 <br /> to be a <br /> leading innovator in providing affordable housing for the Pleasanton workforce. He suggested <br /> Planning Commission Minutes Page 6 of 8 February 23, 2022 <br />icing was critical. She suggested reconsidering <br /> the basis for the low-income housing study, especially for residential. She requested more data <br /> on the expenditure of funding and what percentage was directed at adding more housing versus <br /> the other programs, because HCD was looking at the number of built units. She stated it was <br /> worth exploring a housing overlay zone but the ordinance should align with State law for short <br /> term. <br /> Planning Commission Minutes Page 5 of 7 February 9, 2022 <br />a business person would be equal with building a unit and paying an IZO. <br /> Ms. Clark explained the basis for the inclusionary zoning requirement, and the amount of the <br /> low-income housing fee were different and therefore, there was a disjuncture between the two <br /> fees (i.e. the in-lieu fee does not cover 100 % of the cost of constructing an affordable unit). <br /> Planning Commission Minutes Page 3 of 7 February 9, 2022 <br />