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THE CITY Of <br /> i, PLANNING COMMISSION <br /> _IDLE ASANTON, MEETING MINUTES <br /> DRAFT <br /> Wednesday, February 9, 2022 <br /> This meeting was conducted via teleconference in accordance with Governor Newsom's Executive <br /> Order N-29-20, approved AB 361, and COVID-19 pandemic protocols. <br /> CALL TO ORDER, PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, AND ROLL CALL <br /> The teleconference meeting of the Planning Commission of February 9, 2022 was called to order <br /> at 7:00 p.m. by Chair Pace. <br /> The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Chair Brown. <br /> Staff Members Present: Shweta Bonn, Senior Planner; Ellen Clark, Director of Community <br /> Development; Jennifer Hagen, Associate Planner; Julie Harryman, <br /> Assistant City Attorney; Steve Hernandez, Housing Director; Sachiko <br /> Riddle, Recording Secretary; Mike Tassano; City Traffic Engineer <br /> Commissioners Present: Commissioners Nancy Allen, Justin Brown, Matt Gaidos, Jeff Nibert, <br /> and Chair Brandon Pace. Commissioner Ken Morgan joined the <br /> meeting late. <br /> Commissioners Absent: None <br /> AGENDA AMENDMENTS <br /> CONSENT CALENDAR - Consent Calendar items are considered routine and will be enacted by one <br /> motion unless a request for removal for discussion or explanation is received from the Planning <br /> Commission or a member of the public by submitting a speaker card for that item. <br /> 1. Actions of the Zoning Administrator <br /> 2. Approve the meeting minutes of January 12, 2022 <br /> Commissioner Allen and Commissioner Gaidos provided substantial edits to the meeting <br /> minutes of January 12, 2022. Chair Pace asked that the item be removed, and the amended <br /> minutes be reviewed at the next Planning Commission meeting. <br /> Commissioner Allen moved to approve Item 1 on the Consent Calendar. <br /> Commissioner Brown seconded the motion. <br /> Planning Commission Minutes Page 1 of 7 February 9, 2022 <br /> Page 1 of 2 April 27, 2022 <br />eetings. To <br /> make a request for a disability-related modification or accommodation (e.g., an assistive listening device), please contact <br /> Melinda Denis, Planning and Permit Center Manager, by phone at 925-931-5631 or by email at <br /> at the earliest possible time. If you need sign language assistance, please provide at <br /> least two working days' notice prior to the meeting date. <br /> Planning Commission Agenda Page 2 of 2 April 27, 2022 <br />hemselves the application under <br /> consideration and act on the item. Planning Commission actions may be appealed to the City Council.Appeals must be filed <br /> with the City Clerk's Office within 15 days of the Planning Commission's action. <br /> The Planning Commission Chair may enforce other rules as may further the fair and efficient running of the meeting, such as <br /> reducing the amount of testimony time allotted to the applicant and all those who wish to speak when the meeting agenda is <br /> lengthy or when there are numerous speakers for any specific item.The audience is requested to respect and extend courtesy <br /> to all those wishing to testify on all cases by being quiet while others are speaking. <br /> ************************************** <br />